Arsi University Asella Campus December 31, 2015
Mormii barattota Yunivarsitii Arsii Damee Asallaa

‪#‎OromoProtests‬ soldiers firing on protesters in Machara town ( West Hararge) December 31, 2015

Seenaa Oromoo keessatti Onni Daaroo Labuu madda gootota Oromoo kan akka Raggaatuu Roobaa, Aslii Oromoo fa’aa tan biqilchite ta’uun beekkamti.

Michata town ( West Hararge) December 31, 2015. Michata and Machara are located adjacent towns within 10 km distance. They launched today's protest in coordinated fashion to disperse the capabilities of the military.
Michata town ( West Hararge) December 31, 2015. Michata and Machara are located adjacent towns within 10 km distance. They launched today’s protest in coordinated fashion to disperse the capabilities of the military.
‪#‎OromoProtests‬ 2nd round continues in Gidda Ayana High school December 31, 2015
‪#‎OromoProtests‬ 2nd round continues in Gidda Ayana High school December 31, 2015

In Burrayyu students walk out of school stating they will not attend class until their arrest classmates and teachers are released and soldiers vacate school compound

‪#‎OromoProtests‬ message from Bekele Nega, OFC’s General Secretary who was placed under house arrest and his phone is confisticated. As you read this note, keep in mind that this is an elderly person who is put through such shameful abuse – December 31,  2015

Dear All,

This morning, on my way to work, 4 men in civilian clothes greeted me by my name; identified themselves as ‘police’ and asked me to get in a car parked next to where they stopped me. When I refused, they grabbed me by my arms left and right; forced me into the backseat of their car and started driving. Once the car started moving, they started to hit me: the two guys in my left and right continued to punch me while the one sitting in the front-seat kept touching my face with his gun.

While they were hitting me, they kept saying that they were doing this because I was talking to the media despite their warnings not to do so. After they stopped the beating, they took away my phone at gun point and threatened that I do as they say or they would come for me and my family. They told me that not only mine but also my family’s lives were in danger: “If you step out of your house or talk to any media, you will take responsibility for what may happen to you or your children” (“ከዛሬ ጀምሮ ከቤትህ ብትወጣ ወይ ሚዲያ ብታናግር በአንተም ሆነ በቤተሰቦችህ ላይ ለሚሆነው ነገር ሃላፊነቱ ያንተ ነው”). Before they let me go, they also made it clear that they would resort to killing if I don’t do as they say “we no longer have a place to keep you, if you don’t do as you’re told killing you or paralyzing you is what is left to do.” (“ከእንግዲህ ወዲህ እናንተን የምናስርበት ቦታ የለንም:: ወይ እንገድልሃለን ወይ በመኪና ገጭተን ፓራላይዝ እናደርግሃለን ”)

The Ethiopian government has turned deaf ears to the many peaceful pleas to stop the violent crackdown all over Oromia, and continues to intimidate, arrest and kill citizens with no accountability. More than 4,000 of our party’s members including Bekele Gerba, Dejene Tafa, Addisu Bulala, and Desta Dinka are currently imprisoned incommunicado. It is my hope that the government and those who are silently watching understand that arresting and killing of innocent individuals has never silenced Oromos and will never be a solution to a legitimate demand of millions, and move quickly to rectify this situation. Until then, I, as an individual and member of OFC, will continue to peacefully voice the concerns of the Oromo people, because the peaceful struggle for the freedom and dignity of our people is a cause that millions of Oromos including me are prepared to sacrifice our lives for.

Bekele Nega
General Secretary, Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC)

#OromoProtests FINFINNEE! A powerful Poem by Abdiisaa Balaachoo

Posted by Jawar Mohammed on Thursday, December 31, 2015

4 thoughts on “#‎OromoProtests‬ Continue – Bekele Nega under house arrest

  1. The Oromo struggle for freedom and equality will continue. No one can stop the struggle. They may assassinate you like they have been killing many thousands of our gallant women, men, old, youth and children. The Oromo people, however, assure you that your true cause of struggle will continue and Oromia will be free sooner or later. The enemies’ deeds of yesterday and today speedup their dandle to their unavoidable burial chamber. They should know that there are many Tafas, Nagas, Garbas, etc. If retort to our peaceful struggle continues to be our people’s death, custody, disappearance, and confiscation of our property, then what is left for us and our Qeerroos!

  2. My fellow country men/women:

    Out of many things the current “Oromo students protest” thought me are the followings:

    1. Woyanes/TPLF is not unmovable as some of might think. It is shaken to its core and its foundation is wobbly and its collapse is inevitable no matter how long it might take.

    2. To accelerate its collapse and demise, our COLLECTIVE ACTION is absolutely essential. One reason why the collapse is not happening right now is because Woynes/TPLF have been crushing peaceful or non-peaceful struggle of our people ethnic group by ethnic group, religion by religion, region by region etc, etc. based on their divide/conquer policy. Weather that policy was imposed on us or we allowed it to happen, it is one of the factors that is in our way to get rid of the brutal regime.

    3. The third lesson learned is this: The meaningless and dysfunctional “federal system” imposed on us. People of federal states/regions are not practicing home rule/governance, but trapped in a fake system that feed people with non-ending lies and deception. That is what is dividing our stand and weaken us not to fight with whole heart. That is what is instrumental to woyanes/TPLF to crush at their will. We must admit without any doubt that our weakness is woyanes/TPLF strength.

    My fellow country men/women: What lesson did you learn from our current struggle/movement? Are we ready to learn from mistakes we made? Are we ready to learn the enemies strength and weakness and act COLLECTIVELY or leave out fate to woyanes/TPLF and prolong our own suffering and detriment?

    May God give us the wisdom and courage to do the right thing for our people and country!!!

    Long live the peoples’ power!!! We shall overcome!!!

  3. Time to Start Discussions on Ethiopia’s Future

    TPLF will fall, no doubt about. We need to worry what will come thereafter. To my understanding currently there are three political lines in Ethiopia.

    1) One line wants Ethiopia to continue from her 100 years ago model. This is one language, one culture, etc, and administrative regions based on geographic features; not based on nations and nationalities settlement.

    2) The current/TPLF administrative system. Although not practically implemented, administrative regions are based on nations and nationalities boundary where every ethnic group governs itself, uses its language at all levels and develops, and exercises its culture, etc

    3) The third political line is struggling for secession if number two above will not be fully exercised; this literally may lead to the disintegration of Ethiopia.

    The destiny of Ethiopia, therefore, will be determined by whether those politicians in group one (‘ye xintuwa ye xiwatuwa’ Ethiopia) are ready to ease their stand and accept the rights of nations, nationalities and peoples. Remember the consequence of a rigid unitary approach of past leaders of Ethiopia that resulted in the secession of Eritrea. Eritrean’s first question was simple but to retrain their autonomy after Hailesilase dissolved their parliament. Please start discussion.

  4. Bule Hora:

    Thanks for your input and invitation for a civilized debate/discussion on this burning issue. FYI, I am for # 2, i. e., ” administrative regions based on nations and nationalities boundary where every ethnic group governs itself, uses its language at all levels and develops, and exercises its culture, etc.”.

    Even though I am for # 2, I take it with a big BUT. Not woyane/TPLF type of “federalism” where home/self-rule or/and administration are based on lies and deception just to ensure the supremacy and hegemony of a minority ethnic group over the rest of ethnic groups. If we accept woyanes/TPLF federalism, one can comfortably argue that there is practically no wrong done by past governance under past regimes.

    The other problem is, the more we emphasize on ethnicity/nationality, the more we become erratic socially and politically. I believe, ethnic/nations physical boundaries must be based on geopolitical advantages and realities to benefit each nation/nationality in manner it is harmonious with others. If not, all we do is create ethnic enclaves which restricts the natural movement of people to work and live in freedom out of their boundaries. Here in the USA, I have the freedom to live and work in all 50 states regardless of my ethnicity or religion. If I can do it in a foreign country, why can’t I in my own country?

    The last point I want to mention is this: Let us not be hostage of “Ethiopia will disintegrate if …” rhetoric. This is a conspiracy designed by the enemy in power to create fear in people and rule over as long as desired. To me, this scheme is equivalent to what many call “Forced unity”.

    That’s all I say folks for the moment. Hope to see a civilized and productive debate/discussion on this issue.

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