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Activist Death Shows Opposition Plight Before Ethiopia Vote

(Bloomberg Business) — A month before Ethiopia’s elections, opposition activist Getahun Abraham walked into a compound of government offices in the southern town of Gimbichu, doused his body in gasoline and set himself alight. It took more than 10 minutes for bystanders to extinguish the flames. “We were in a meeting when we heard a […]

Wayyaanee/TPLF Filannoon Booda Maqaa OPDO Qulqulleessuu Jedhuun Sabboontota Oromoo OPDO keessa jiran Irratti Duuluuf Murtii Irra Gahee Jira

(SBO) — Maddi Oduu Amanamaa oduu SBOn gaheen akka hubachiisetti wayyaanee/TPLF ilmaan Oromoo OPDO keessa jiran kanneen sabboonummaa qaban irratti duuluun tarkaanfii hidhaa fi ariisaa fudhachuuf murtii irra gahee jira. Akka oduu kanaatti OPDO keessatti ilmaan Oromoo sabboonummaa qaban mumul’achuun akeeka ganama OPDOn ittiin ijaaramte, kan akeekaa fi kaayyoo wayyaanee Tigraayi tarkaanfachiisuu jedhu didamaa dhufuu […]

Being in and Out of Africa: The Impact of Duality of Ethiopianism

Asafa Jalata University of Tennessee–Knoxville (Journal of Black Studies) — This article critically examines how the duality inherent in the concept of Ethiopianism shifts back and forth between claims of a “Semitic” identity when appealing to the White, Christian, ethnocentric, occidental hegemonic power center and claims of an African identity when cultivating the support of […]

No Western Observers for Ethiopian Elections

ADDIS ABABA (VOA News) —The only international observers during Ethiopia’s elections Sunday will be from the African Union, with opposition parties already feeling the AU observers are not demanding enough in their criticism of Ethiopia’s election process, which is dominated by the ruling party. Nine long-term AU observers (LTOs) arrived in April, and another 50 […]

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