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Ethiopia’s economy: Neither a sprint nor a marathon

Africa’s most impressive economic managers suffer from excessive caution (The Economist) — NOWHERE in Africa is modern China more of a lodestar than in Ethiopia, which on May 24th held an uneventful election with a predetermined outcome: another term in office for the long-standing ruling party. The continent’s second most populous country and fastest-growing big […]

On The Scene: In Ethiopia, ‘Are You a Journalist?’ Is a Loaded Question

Anita Powell ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA (VOA News) — Are you a journalist?” the young man asks me as we board the elevator. In Ethiopia, this is a loaded question.  It earned me an extra 45-minute wait at airport immigration as officials thumbed through my passport, pawed through my luggage and asked me what my intentions were. […]

Different Species of Human Ancestor Lived Near Lucy, Scientists Say

(NBC News) — Lucy and her kin weren’t the only human ancestors to live in modern-day Ethiopia 3.3 million years ago, scientists say. They report that a different species, similar but not identical to Lucy’s, was living nearby during the same time frame. The study, appearing in this week’s issue of the journal Nature, claims […]

Ibsa GQM –ABO irraa dhimma “Tokkoomuu Jaarmayoolee fi Gumuulee” Caamsaa 27, 2015 irratti labsa bahee ilaalchiisee.

Akkuma beekamuu fi hubatamuuti GQM-ABO yeroo “ABOn jijjiiramaa” sagantaa siyaasaa ABO tarttiibaa ala jijjiiruun enyumaa Ioophiyumaa fudhatee, caasaa jaarmayichaa gara isaaniif toleetti jijjiiruuf yaalaa turameetti hoggannootaa fi miseensoota haala sana dura dhaabachuun dhawwaataan irraa hafaniin utubame. Galiin GQM-ABO guddaa fi ol aanaan himbaabsii tokko malee gareeleen maqaa ABO qaban kan kaayyoo dhaabbichi irratti ijaarame kanneen […]

Tensions rise up after Ethiopian election

(CNN iReport) — Photo – In Bule Hora university, ethnic Oromo students broke through security and closed the polling station citing ”no need to vote if it will not be counted properly”. Two Observers killed in Kofele Arsi and Ambo , also over 500 Obsrvers are jailed. About 85% of nearly 36 million Ethiopians casted […]

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