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Yemen’s people suffer from lack of food, power and medical aid as battles rage on

(The Guardian) — The country is plunging further into a humanitarian crisis while fighting between Houthi rebels and troops loyal to the president leaves many fearing for their lives. The war in Yemen has intensified in recent days, with the southern city of Aden rocked by some of the most ferocious street battles since the […]

Prof. Isamil Abdullahi Workshop in Toronto April 25,2015 (Part One)

“Engaging Oromo Communities in collaborative activities” Workshop 2. Professor Ismail Abdullahi “Learning organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together.” Peter Senge Lagatafo […]


Mirga ifiin murteefannaa fi Oromiyaa walabaa akeeka waararrii tahe hubatame

Boonsaa irraa Darrata qabsoo Oromoo mudate Irraa kan madde hujiin tiratanii qabsoo fuulduratti tirsuun dagatamee qarsaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo tuuta yaadan wal riqattu hedduun jechootaan joonjaa ummata keessatti uumuun raasaa suukannii malee dhadhaa hin baafne tahuun hujii bara 24+ tahee muldhata. Barruu kana barreessuuf kan na dirqe ilaalcha yaada mooraa qabsoo bilisummaa keetti kuusaa baroota hedduuf […]

Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, speaks during the opening ceremony for the groundbreaking of the Ethiopia-China Dong Guan Huajian International Light Industrial Zone outside of Addis Ababa on April 16, 2015. (Zacharias Abubeker/AFP/Getty Images)

The United States’ irresponsible praise of Ethiopia’s regime

By Editorial Board (Washington Post) — ETHIOPIA’S ELECTIONS, scheduled for May 24, are shaping up to be anything but democratic. A country that has often been held up as a poster child for development has been stifling civic freedoms and systematically cracking down on independent journalism for several years. It was consequently startling to hear […]


What’s at stake when Ethiopians vote next month

By Mohammed Ademo (Africa is a Country) — The tragic but fleeting headlines about the plight of Ethiopian migrants in Libya, Yemen and South Africa have shadowed another more consequential event: Ethiopia’s parliamentary elections, slated to take place in less than a month on May 24. This will be Ethiopia’s first vote without Meles Zenawi, […]

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