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MTA’s letter to President Obama concerning his visit to Ethiopia

President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Your Excellency President Obama, The Board of Directors of the Macha-Tulama Association (MTA), USA, is writing this urgent letter regarding your plan to visit Ethiopia in July 2015. The MTA is a non-profit organization incorporated in the USA because it was banned […]

Beware of Woyyaane organized Oromo diaspora day from 3 August 2015 to 10 August 2015

Dear Oromos and Oromo friends worldwide I would like to bring to your attention the latest disgraceful plan of the Ethiopian government to divide the Oromo people in our communities’ worldwide under the banner of Oromo diaspora day from 3 August 2015 to 10 August 2015. This disguised and sugarcoated plan may sound attractive to […]

Voices Heard in Geneva? The UN vs Eritrea

by THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN (CounterPunch) — I spent Monday, June 22 in Geneva, Switzerland protesting alongside over 5,000 fellow Eritreans in front of the UN “Commission of Inquiry” offices. We were there because a UN “Commission of Inquiry”  had just issued as nasty a lot of lies about Eritrea as one could imagine. But then […]

Drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia

Problems: Lack of drinking water and sanitation infrastructure. Poverty, unhealthy conditions and lack of knowledge about hygiene. Prejudicial to the women and girls who have to go and fetch water and are unable to attend school. Objectives:Manual construction and digging of springs and wells. Biological and physical protection and development of natural resources around the […]

UN demands release of British activist jailed in Ethiopia amid torture fears

The Foreign Office has pushed for consular access to Andargachew Tsige with no tangible results, since the British citizen was abducted in Ethiopia a year ago (The Guardian) — The UN has demanded the immediate release of a Briton held on death row in Ethiopia for more than a year, an intervention that campaigners say […]

African immigrant communities making St. Paul feel a little more like home

Note: This is the first of two reports examining the African immigrant communities in the Twin Cities. Today’s report profiles the communities that have established or plan to establish cultural centers in St. Paul. Monday’s story focuses on the communities’ economic impact. (TwinCities Local News) — From a former medical clinic within St. Paul’s Bandana […]

Oromo Community Organization Requests Language Access for District’s Oromo Residents

By Habtamu Dugo Washington DC—The President of the Board the Oromo Community of Washington DC, Dr. Desta Yebessa was among 75 witnesses who testified in support of At-Large DC Council Member Grosso’s Bill to expand language access to residents at a public hearing jointly convened by council members David Grosso, Kenyan McDuffie and Council Chairman […]

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