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Raadiyoo Sagalee Walabummaa Oromiyaa Adoolessa 05, 2015

Weellisaan Oromoo Aartiist Ibiraahim Adam dukkubsatee wallaansa gahaa dhabuun muddama keessa waan jiruuf Oromoon akka dirmatuuf ………….. Gaaffiif deebii RSWO Weellisaa Oromoo Ibiraahim Adam waliin taasise fi qophilee biroo

We wish the planned Obama visit will never send a wrong message

(Advocacy 4 Oromia) — Advocacy for Oromia, a non-profit organization incorporated in Australia, to advocate for human rights and for social justice, would like to address the planned visit of US President Barack Obama to Ethiopia in July 2015. We respect the policy of the United States whose foreign policy in principle is committed to […]

Africans seeking better lives pass through Ethiopian town

METEMA, Ethiopia (AP) — The mood in the border town of Metema these days is quiet and watchful. Dozens of houses on the hot, dusty main road that stretches from Ethiopia into Sudan look like they have been hastily closed. Guards grimly patrol the border, stopping anyone who looks like an illegal migrant. The nightclubs and […]

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