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Is Democratic Change through Electoral Process 100% Dead in Ethiopia?

TPLF’s ‘democratic election’ an oxymoron By Alem Mamo   “It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting.” – From Tom Stoppard’s philosophical play Jumpersfirst produced in 1972* * * “It doesn’t matter who votes; it matters who counts the votes.” – Joseph Stalin * * * “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make […]

Beeksisa Kitabaaf Qarqaarsa Gaafachuu

Malkamuu Jaatee Amni (adeemsi) qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO) roga adda addaa shan (5) walitti  hidhaman keessaan hoogganamaa jira. Isaanis 1) Qabsoo aadaa Oromoo kunuunsuu, (2) Qabsoo afaan Oromoo qaromsuu, (3) Qabsoo seenaa Oromoo fi oromummaa ifatti baasuu, (4) Qabsoo hawaasummaa fi dinagidee Oromoo dagaagsuu, fi (5) Qabsoo siyaasaa saba Oromoo aangoomsuu ti. Qabsoon bilisummaa roga […]

3,000 Ethiopia troops cross into Somalia

Nairobi (Daily Nation) — A large contingent of Ethiopian troops has crossed into Somalia, reports from Gedo region indicated Wednesday. Eyewitnesses in Dolo town, 450 kilometres southwest of Mogadishu, told the media that the troops proceeded to Luq, about 100 kilometres away. “A force about 3,000-strong armed with heavy weaponry crossed the border into Somalia […]



SEENAA  Y.G (2005) Mana ijaaramu tokkof  UTUBAA  FI  DAGALEETU hundeedha. Utubaan qophaa isaa dhaabbatee Mana ta’uu hin danda’u. Dagaleenis akkasuma. lameen isaanii adda baasanii mana ijaaruun habjuudha. Ijaarsi Manneen durii, Utubaa fi Dagalee irratti hundaa’an. Kan hammayyaa har’aa ammoo , Kolamii (colum) fi Biimii (Beem) irratti hundaa’an . haalli hojii isaanii baraan adda haa ba’an […]

Hayyamni Abukaatummaa Tamaam Abbaa Bulguu Dhorkame

(Oromedia, 10 Adoolessa 2015) Ministeerri Haqaa Itoophiyaa ogummaa Abukaatummaatiin kan jiraatan obbo Tamaam Abbaa Bulguu Abbaa Diikoo gara waggaa lamaaf dhorkee jira. Oduun nu gahe akka ibsutti, adabbiin kun kan darbe dhimma “rakkoo Naamusaa” wajjin walqabatee ti.Haataúutii, dhimmi rakkoo naamusaa jedhame kun maal akkka ta’e waanti ifa godhame hin jiru. Akka ittisa amma irratti darbeetti […]

Ethiopia Drops Charges Against 5 Defendants in Terrorism Case

Aljazeera) — Five imprisoned Ethiopian bloggers and journalists have been released in Addis Ababa, after government prosecutors dropped the charges against them, Al Jazeera has learned. The bloggers and journalists, who have been in prison for over a year, were released on Wednesday, but at least four others remain in jail. An Ethiopian news website reported […]

Obama Should Stay Away From Ethiopia

Washington wants a stable partner in the Horn of Africa. But cozying up to the repressive regime in Addis Ababa isn’t the way to go about finding one. BY JEFFREY SMITH, MOHAMMED ADEMO (Foreign Policy) — Later this month, President Barack Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to ever visit Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most […]

Press Release on Establishment of Oromo Community Association of North America

Press Release July 6, 2015 After extend consultations, the Oromo Communities in North America are pleased to announce the establishment of the Oromo Communities’ Association in North America (OCA-NA) at the Inaugural Congress held in Washington, DC, on June 20, 2015. The need for an umbrella organization for all Oromo communities has been well recognized […]

Genzebe Dibaba Sets African 1500m Record Of 3:54.11 In Barcelona, Spain

(IAAF) — Genzebe Dibaba set an African 1500m record of 3:54.11 in Barcelona’s Estadi Joan Serrahima stadium on Wednesday evening (8). Dibaba arrived in the Catalan city in the wake of her 5000m personal best of 14:15.41 when winning at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Paris on Saturday, looking for a fast time but […]

News Release from the HackingTeam, the right hand of dictators all over the world

July 8, 2015 Information related to the attacks on HackingTeam on July 6, 2015 It is now apparent that a major threat exists because of the posting by cyber criminals of HackingTeam proprietary software on the Internet the night of July 6. HackingTeam’s investigation has determined that sufficient code was released to permit anyone to […]

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