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TPLF Spreads Lies in Somalilandpress in order to Defame ONLF

(Ogaden 24) — An Ogaden woman trying to buy for her children being intimidated by Ethiopian soldiers in the wilderness The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) agent Provocateurs inserted an article into Somaliland Press titled “UNPO elects Leader of Ogaden militia as VP”. TPLF is the ultra-nationalist sectarian party that rules and controls Ethiopia, through […]


Birbirsa Gooroo irraa “Oggaa ormi qabeenya abbaa keetii saame, atis waliin saami.” mammaaksi jedhu kan Oromooti: warri jettan as bahaatii ibsa kennaa mee! Affeertoonni fi affeerramtoonni jila kanaa bahaatii dubbadhaa mee! Warri kalee wayyaaneen akkana nu gootee,akkas nu gootee,lubbuun baqannee biyyaa baane, jechuudhaan himannaa biyyoota addaa addaatti dhiyeeffatanii dahata argatan, hardha wayyaanetu dimokiraasii fi mirga […]

Obama’s chance to help Ethiopia

(The Washington Times) — The White House has announced President Obama will visit Ethiopia later this month. Mr. Obama’s office has been flooded with letters and faxes of deep concern from Ethiopian-Americans. Under normal circumstances, Ethiopians would rejoice at such a visit. Why the anguish? U.S. and Ethiopian relations were established in 1903 by Ethiopia’s […]

Mixed outcomes for UN talks in Ethiopia

(Courier Mail)  — THE UN says development talks in Ethiopia have set a bold agenda but aid agencies say Australia and other rich nations have scuppered an opportunity to address tax inequality. NEGOTIATIONS on a final agreement at the Financing for Development conference were agreed upon overnight, with the UN trumpeting what it calls a […]

Rights groups press Barack Obama to meet activists on Kenya, Ethiopia trip

WASHINGTON, DC (AFP) — More than 50 African and global human rights groups on Tuesday called on US President Barack Obama to publicly meet democracy activists when he visits Ethiopia and Kenya later this month. In a letter delivered to the White House, groups welcomed Obama’s planned visit but voiced concerns about “grave and worsening […]

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