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(Advocacy for Oromia) — The news item published on Advocacy for Oromia on July 9th saying “At least six Oromo university students were also among three journalists and two bloggers released from Ethiopian prison yesterday, according to various reports,” was incorrect as five of the six  students mentioned in the story are still in Qilinto, a prison […]

EPRDF Split Over Potential Intervention in Eritrea

(Tesfa News) — ACCORDING to government sources for African Intelligence desk, opinions within the ruling coalition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) are divided about the possibility of a return to war or some kind of intervention against Eritrea – evidenced by the contradictions between Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, and the spokesman for the government, […]

Ethiopians plunge local prison into Sh8m debt

(Daily Nation) — Isiolo Prison facing an Sh8 million debt in unpaid bills, thanks to an increase in Ethiopian Isiolo Prison facing an Sh8 million debt in unpaid bills, thanks to an increase in Ethiopian inmates. Most of the foreigners have been arrested while on their way to Nairobi. Others are rounded up by police […]

Edaa atin sobda!

Caalaa Haahiluu irraa Gaafa natti kolfitee,gammachuu koo hirmaattu,Gaafa nafakkaattee,gadda koo gadditu,Oggaa dhibee tiyyas,nafaan dhibamtu,Ani kiyyan si se’ee,edaa atin sobdaaQaamaan faana koo malee,Qalbiin fagoo jirta.Madaa koo’n kulkulfanne,Dhibee koof’n rifannee,Hongee koo hin beelofne,Dheebuu koo hin dheebonne,Dharraa kiyyaan dharraaneHawwii kiyyan hawwineMiira kiyyan qooddanneEyyeen ,natti fakkaattaa,Keessa kiyya qo’attaa,Sun cufti amma naaf gale,Edaa atin sobdaa.Afaan nafakkaatta,Dugdaaf garaa taanee,jechootaan wal taanee,Ilkee […]

Death of Medrek members increase to five

(The Reporter) — The announcement came following the fifth round general elections this past May, and party officials said that the pressure, detention, persecution and killing of its members and supporters throughout the country is mounting like never before. Tilahun Endesahw, head of the party’s public relations, told The Reporter, “The killings and mass detention […]

Margaret Thatcher demanded UK find ways to ‘destabilise’ Ethiopian regime in power during 1984 famine

(The Independent) — Margaret Thatcher demanded that Britain find ways to “destabilise” the regime which presided over Ethiopia’s disastrous 1984 famine after concluding that British aid was wrongly supporting its “particularly cruel” government, according to previously unpublished records. A top secret Downing Street memo reveals how the former Prime Minister wanted to support rebels fighting […]

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