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Sakaallaan Moraa Qabsoo Bilisuummaa Oromoo Kessaa Cituutti Jira

Wiirtuu Lammeessaa irraa Addi Biliisummaa Oromon (ABO) buu’uurfama isaa irraa kaasee, bu’aa ba’ii dararaa irraa agaggamee sadarkaa haar’aa kana irra ga’uun isa ifa. Urraawiinsa ABO madda kana ta’e saagantooleen dhunfaa adda adda gaaddisa ABO kessatti gaaddiddifachuun gaaga’aama waaggaa Afurtamaa miseensoota, firoottan qabsoo Oromo hooggantoota, deeggartootaafi haawaasa Oromoo gaanfa Afrikaa irra qubate mara irraan ga’uu isaa […]

Obama urges Ethiopia to end crackdown on opposition

US president, after meeting PM Hailemariam, says political inclusion makes a country “stronger and more successful”. (Aljazeera) — Barack Obama has met the Ethiopian prime minister on the first visit by a serving US president to a nation with one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa but which has often been criticised for its rights […]

In Ethiopia, a cry for basic freedoms

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (USA Today) — Sipping a cool drink in a restaurant in the bustling market district of Shiro Meda, Hikma Lemma wore an excited look when asked about President Obama’s visit. Susan Rice: Ethiopia’s election was “a 100% democratic” (then laughing) It’s about time, he said. “We are happy because President Obama has finally […]

In Ethiopia, a Quiet Rivalry for Influence Pits US against China

By William Davison, 27/07/2015 Addis Ababa: When Barack Obama became the first sitting President of the United States to touch down in Ethiopia’s capital on Sunday evening, it was at an airport being upgraded using a $250-million Chinese loan. His convoy then zipped along a six-lane urban expressway, also funded by the Export-Import Bank of […]

Ethiopia Excited But Cautious Over Obama Visit

(VOA News) ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopia did not roll out the red carpet when a little-known U.S. senator decided, in 2006, to visit a flood-stricken rural town and pledged to lobby for aid from the U.S. military. Nine years later, as president of the United States, Barack Obama is being welcomed with pomp and excitement […]

Oromiyaa: Untangling the Nation From Genocidal Occupation

By: Namasaa Adabba | July 2015 In order to understand the ongoing destruction and catastrophic situation facing the nations in the Horn of Africa, it is important to look back to the Berlin Conference of 1887/8, the outcome of which favored the Abyssinian kingdom. Abyssinian King, Menelik, thus became a stakeholder in the colonization of the […]

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