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Oromiyaa: Untangling the Nation From Genocidal Occupation

By: Namasaa Adabba | July 2015 In order to understand the ongoing destruction and catastrophic situation facing the nations in the Horn of Africa, it is important to look back to the Berlin Conference of 1887/8, the outcome of which favored the Abyssinian kingdom. Abyssinian King, Menelik, thus became a stakeholder in the colonization of the […]

Hawaasni Oromoo Biyya Sa’ud Arabiyaatti Argamu WBOf Arjoome

Hawaasni Oromoo Biyya Sa’ud Arabiyaatti Argamu Irree fi Gaachana Ummata Oromoo WBO Jabeessuuf Gumaacha Maallaqaa Taasisu Cimsee Itti Fufuun Riyaala Sa’udii 117,371.00 Arjoome. Biyya Sa’ud Arabiyaatti kan argaman ilmaan Oromoo kan yeroo kamii caalaatti tokkummaa fi jabina isaanii ijaarratuun akkasumas tumsaa fi deggersa QBO ABOn durfamu keessatti bakka mul’ataa qabaachaa turan iddootti deebifatuun qabsicha jabeessuu […]

Lawsuit reveals extent of Ethiopian hacking amid Obama visit

By JACK GILLUM Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) – As President Barack Obama faces pressure to discuss human rights in his first official visit to Ethiopia this weekend, a unique lawsuit back home is challenging whether the African country can spy on an American by turning his computer into a giant recording device. The federal case […]

Several killed in suicide bomb explosion at Somalia hotel

MOGADISHU, Somalia (CBS News) — A suicide bomber rammed a truck rigged with explosives into the blast walls around one of Mogadishu’s most secure hotels, severely damaging the building and killing eight people, said police Capt. Mohammed Hussein. The attack was claimed by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group and also wounded 20 people. The walled, luxury […]

Obama highlights Kenya’s stubborn corruption problem

The East African nation is one of the world’s most corrupt. Obama’s highlighting of the problem probably didn’t win him friends among the powerful, but drew cheers from the crowd gathered to hear him in Nairobi. NAIROBI — In a speech meant to inspire Kenyans, particularly young men and women, President Barack Obama praised the […]

Obama’s Visit Raises Ethiopia’s Stature Amid Rights Concerns

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (The New York Times) — Like the visit to Kenya, President Barack Obama’s trip Sunday to Ethiopia represents the first time a sitting U.S. president has been to this East African country and according to its government, it is a sign of the nation’s growing stature. Grave concerns remain, however, over political […]

From the Vault • Barack Obama • SEP 1995

22-CityView presents Barack Obama speaking at the Cambridge Public Library. Recorded on September 20,1995, this originally aired on Channel 37 Cambridge Municipal Television as an episode of the show “The Author Series.” In this episode Obama discusses his book “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance,” which at the time had just […]

Special Order on Human Rights in Ethiopia

In advance of President Obama’s historic trip to Ethiopia, I led discussion on the House Floor as the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus to speak on the importance of our nation’s relationship with Ethiopia. The President’s trip provides a unique opportunity to promote democratic institutions including respect for freedom of speech […]

Can Obama Influence Ethiopia on Human Rights, Democracy?

(VOA News) –For years, the United States has displayed a kind of split personality when it comes to Ethiopia, working closely with its government to fight designated terrorist groups like al-Shabab, while denouncing the same government for arresting journalists, suppressing dissent and making it impossible for opponents to win even a single seat in parliament. […]

Waadaa Wayyaanee Kijibaan Hawwatamanii Owwaatuun, Dantaa Ummata Oromoo Fi Wareegama Qabsaawotaa Kabajaa Dhorkatuu Dha

(Ijoo Dubbii ABO) Mootummaan Itophiyaa murna bicuu Wayyaaneen durfamu QBO gufachiisuuf tooftaalee adda addaa baafatee hojjataa akka turee fi jiru lammii Oromoo jalaa dhokataa tahee hin beeku. Haalli biyya keessaa guutummaatti jijjiiramuu fi dantaan ummata Oromoo kabajame jechuun ummatni Oromoo Qabsoo Bilisummaa irra dhimmoota biroo irratti akka xiyyeeffatu taasisuu fi qabsoo bilisummaa lagachiisuuf hedduu yaale. […]

WBOn Tarkaanfii Fudhateen Loltoota Wayyaanee 38 Ol Hojiin Ala Godhe

Irree fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn Falmaa Diina Waliin Godhu Jabeessee Itti Fufuun, Zoonii Kibba Bahaa fi Godina Baha Oromiyaa Keessatti Tarkaanfilee Waraanaa Fi Ergamtoota Diinaa Irratti Fudhateen 38 Ol Hojiin Ala Godhe. Mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa ummata Oromoo deebisee gonfachiisuuf falmaa hadhaawaa godhaa jiruun diina isaa kuffisee kufaa, injifannoolee boonsaa galmeessaa kan jiru […]

President Barack Obama (FULL) Interview – BBC News

(BBC News) — In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC’s North American Editor Jon Sopel, US President Barack Obama said a lack of changes on US gun laws was the “greatest frustration” of his presidency. Mr Obama also told the BBC what he will say about gay rights in Kenya, why his own Congress and […]

President Obama starts two-day Kenya visit

(BBC News) — Barack Obama has arrived in Kenya on the first visit to his ancestral home as serving US president. During his two-day visit Mr Obama will hold talks with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and other top officials. Trade will feature strongly, but Mr Obama also said he would deliver a “blunt message” to […]

Ethiopia: President Obama Should Urge Changes to Help Civil Society, Political Opposition

(Freedom House) — As President Obama prepares to visit Ethiopia next week, Freedom House has prepared policy recommendations for the White House, highlighting Ethiopia’s undermining of civil society, independent media, and the political opposition: “The political environment during parliamentary elections held in May included arrest, harassment and intimidation of opposition members and supporters,” the letter […]

The 19th OSFNA Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival Rises with Time

( — It is not an exaggeration to say that the OSFNA annual Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival is the biggest celebration of Oromummaa, outside of Oromia. Kicked off in Toronto, Canada, in 1996 with a handful of soccer teams from around North America, the OSFNA annual Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival today has become […]

Uummatni Oromoo, hanga yoomiitti gadadoo keessa jiraata?

Abdii Boruutiin Uummatni ykn sabni gabrummaa keessa jiru yoomiyyuu jiruu fi jireenya gaarii qabaachuu baatullee, haalli uummatni keenya, uummatni Oromoo keessa jiru yeroodhaa yerootti hammaachaa dhufee; sadarkaa hamaarra akka gahe kan ifaa ifatti mul’atu waan ta’eef, kanaaf ragaa dhiyeessuun barbaachisaa natti hin fakkaatu. Sabni Oromoo, qabeenya uumaadhaan badhaafame Oromiyaa dacheen ishii jiituu fi badhaatuu taate […]

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