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British Ambassor: Ethiopian election results bad for democracy

(Horn Affairs) — Britain’s Ambassador said: “It is starting to sound as if the ruling party and its allies will have a 100 percent of the seats in parliament. And I think that is not good for democracy; that is what you get in places like North Korea. But actually in Ethiopia you need some […]

Al-Shabab Attacks Expose AMISOM Weaknesses

(VOA News) — Since 2011, the African Union force in Somalia, AMISOM, has delivered blow after blow to Islamist militant group Al-Shabab, pushing the group out of nearly every major town and city it controlled. On June 26, al-Shabab delivered some payback. In a coordinated attack, al-Shabab units from three regions converged on an AMISOM […]



Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa DURADUBBII Dubbiftoota barreeffa kanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, baga nagaa fi nageenyaan naaf turtanii kutaa shanaffaa kana duukaa-buu’uuf dhuftani! Akkuma isin amma gara mandhee tanaa dhuftan mee nagaa fi nageenyi, bilisummaa fi walabummaan Oromiyaa taanyaaf haa dhufu! Erga mandara Tokkee Kutaayyee kana bultanii hamma tokko haara-baafattanii, mee amma wanneen karaaf nu barbaachisan mara […]

Migrant crossings to Europe jump 83 percent in 1st half

(Thrasher Backer) — The UNHCR report said Europe’s refugee crisis was of “historic proportions”. The number of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean in hope of reaching European soil in the first six months of this year was the highest on record, according to the U.N.’s refugee agency, the UNHCR. Data from Greece, Italy, Malta and […]

Obama’s Visit To Ethiopia Sparks Controversy, Concerns Nigeria Was Snubbed

(Sahara Reporters) — Mr. Akuetteh stated that “as an activist I am not happy when the United States supports dictators or that President Obama is visiting the Ethiopian regime” however “my reading of the trip is that President Obama is going to meet with African Union leaders, which happens to be located in Addis Ababa.” […]

Ethiopian Commander Surrenders to Al Shabab in Somalia

(Oximity) — According to security officials an Ethiopian military commander has surrendered to Al Shabab militants in Kansahdhere,Bay Province. The Ethiopian left AMISOM base in Kansahdhere and joined Al Shabaab camp in Ufurow. The armed group Al Shabab have said they welcomed the Ethiopian commander who promised to convert his religion to Islam. Ethiopian troops […]

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