Archive | December 1, 2015

The fundamentals of the Ethiopian colonialism

Yaadasaa Dafa Why do the Abyssinians often want to the control politics in Ethiopia relentlessly with no end in sight?  Different people may come out with conceptually reasonable scenarios in explaining this question.  But unless one is familiar with the original creations and envisaging of the imperial Ethiopia, he/she may remain at mercy of the […]

Civil Disobedience Can Be A Potent Weapon To Dismantle TPLF’s Abyssinian Empire

By Denboba Natie ‘Civil disobedience is a potent weapon in the hands of those who understand how to use it’ M. Coxall 2015. I’m Created Equal….No Less No More! People are differently nurtured in different parts of the world although their biological element known as DNA is over 99.5% the same. Nurturing is the basis […]

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