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EU calls for peaceful dialogue to end killings in Ethiopia

(newsjs) — The European Union (EU) calls on Ethiopian government and opposition to end peacefully through dialogue the ongoing conflicts in Oromia and Amhara regions of the country, which has caused the death of dozens of citizens, among others. “The recent unrest in the Oromia and Amhara regions of Ethiopia has caused a considerable number […]

Urgent Action! Ethiopia arrests two Journalists and Human Rights activist

(Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia) — In the last five days Ethiopia arrests two journalists in relation with the ongoing mass protest in Oromia region. Journalist Fekadu Mirkana, who works for the state-run broadcaster radio and tv, was arrested at his Addis Ababa home on 19 December 2015.[1] According to CPJ and AHRE’s sources, […]

Gaazexoonni Addunyaa Bebeekamoon Hiriira Mormii Oromiyaa Irratti Maal Jedhan?

WASHINGTON, DC (VOA Afaan Oromoo) — Baruulen bebbekamoo ta’in sadi’i: Ze Gaardiyaan (The Guardian), Biluumbeergi (Bloomberg) fi Ajaanis Firaanis Pirees (AFP)-in haala yeroo ammaa Oromiyaa keessa jiru laalchisuudhan barressan. Ze gaardiyaan akka gabaasetti; ‘Ajjeechan Haadhabbatu’ qoddi jedhu jalatti caasan misoomaa kan waayee lafaa Itoophiyaa keessaa walitti bu’insa lubbuu namaa galaafateef sababa ta’e jedhe. Hiriira mormii […]

Konya ABO Victoria, Australiyaatti sirna Dungoo qabsiisuu gaggeeffame

Konyaan ABO Victoriyaa, Austraaliyaa magaalaa Melboorn guyyaa 16/12/2015 sirna dungoo qabsiisuu gaggeessee jira. Miseensa ABO hangi tokko, hawwasa keessaa namoota muraasaa fi abbootii amantiilee hanga tokko dabalachuun bakka J/Bultum Biyyoo I/A/ HD fi KHR ABO akkasumas J/Gaashuu Lammeessaa MGS fi DDJS tti itti gaafataamaa birkii JS ABO bakka argamanitti sirna dungoo qabsiisuu raawwachuun galgala tokko […]

Ethiopian opposition figures arrested over land protests

Note: Aaron Maasho is Tigrean working for Reuters By Aaron Maasho    ADDIS ABABA, Dec 25 (Reuters) – Ethiopian police have arrested two senior opposition members on suspicion of inciting weeks of protests against government plans to set up a new economic zone near the capital that would displace farmers, their party leader said on […]

Minnesota’s Oromo look to U.S. for help

By Frederick Melo (Twincities) — Abdurahman Kadir has a difficult time watching the video of his cousin Misra Haji-Nabo, a woman in her 20s, lying bloodied and fatally wounded in a street outside Ethiopia’s capital city. The 35-second clip is being shared in chat rooms and news forums as the latest evidence of the country’s […]

TPLF declares war on Oromia

By Albasa Dagaga The incarceration of Bekele Gerba and Dejene Taafaa today, two Oromo political leaders who vowed to use only peaceful resistance against TPLF dictatorship, is a full scale declaration of war on Oromia. This action by TPLF follows the killing of over 80 school age youth and adults in four weeks and the mass […]

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