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Oromo protest in Walloo Ethiopia

Gurraandhala 3, 2916 Yuuniversitii Walloo mooraa Dassee keessatti mootummaan Wayyaanee summii nama ajjeesu basaastota isaatiin doormii barattootni oromoo keessa jiranitti dhangaalasiseen gocha duguuggaa guyyuudhaan bifa jijjiirratee as bahutti osoo hin milaa’in hafeera. Akka gabasni Qeerroo ibsutti mootaa Yuuniversitii Dassee doormii lakkoofsa 14 keessa jiraatanitti Guraandhala 1/2016 nama yeroo sanaaf eenyummaan isaa hin beekamneen dhangala’e yeroo […]

Oromo TV: ‪#‎OromoProtests‬

In support of the #‎Oromoprotests, January 29, 2016 Oromoo Canadian community from all over Canada came together to voice their enraged about the ongoing genocide in Oromia. The demonstration held in front of the TPLF Government Embassy, Canadian parliament, American embassy and the Canadian foreign department.This demonstration held in a freezing Canadian winter weather. Some […]

No Need to Overreact to Dr. Berhanu’s Speech!

 By Dambal Galaana Dr. Berhanu Nega, the leaders of Arbagnoch Ginbot 7 held a town meeting with Ethiopians in and around Washington D.C. on January 31, 2015.  Apparently, he was asked by members and supporters of his party to share his thoughts on the ongoing political turmoil in Oromia and what his party is up […]

Ethiopia – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband – Statistics and Analyses

Ethiopia’s Ethio Telecom launches LTE services Source: Internet World Stats Ethiopia is one of the last countries in Africa allowing its national telco, Ethio Telecom (ETC) a monopoly on all telecom services including fixed, mobile, internet and data communications. This monopolistic control has stifled innovation and retarded expansion. A recently expired management contract with France […]

Letter from Swedish Foreign Department to the Oromo Community in Sweden

The situation for the Oromo people in Ethiopia Dear Oromo Community in Sweden, Thank you for your letter of 10 Decemer 2015 addressed to the Prime Minister of Swden, Mr Stefan Lofvern, regarding the situation for the Oromo people in Ethiopia. The Prime Minister has asked the Africa Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs […]

Unrest in Ethiopia: the ultimate warning shot?

RENÉ LEFORT 2 February 2016 The culture of power is one of centralisation. But real federalism couldn’t be beyond reach. Oromya shows that it is becoming an absolute requirement. (Open Democracy) — The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the strongest component of the ruling coalition, from the middle of 2014 has faced the highest level […]

Baha Wallaggaa keessatti FXGn gootota barattoota Oromoon itti fufee

  (SBO – GURRAANDHALA 02,2016) Baha Wallaggaa keessatti FXGn gootota barattoota Oromoon itti fufee akka jiru ibsameera. Barattootni Ona Degaa ganda Kolooboo mana barumsaa Sadarkaa 1ffaa fi Ona Nuunnuu Qumbaa mana barumsaa Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi qophaa’inaa Gurraandhala 01,2016 qormaata fudhatanii akka bahaniin dhaadannoolee gara garaa dhageessisuun diddaa sirna wayyaaneef qaban mul’isuu isaanii kan gabaase madda […]

WBOn loltoota diinaa 33 yeroo ajjeesu, 31 ol ammoo madoo taasise

(SBO – GURRAANDHALA 02, 2016) Abdii fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn Falmaa Godhu Jabeessee Itti Fufuun Diina Irraan Kasaaraa Guddaa Geessisaa, Injifannoo Boonsaa Galmeessaa Jira. Haaluma kanaan WBOn Godina Bahaa keessa sossohu Amajjii 18 – 31,2016tti Lixa Harargee Onoota gara garaa keessatti tarkaanfilee adda addaa waraana gabroomfattuu wayyaanee irratti fudhateen kasaaraa guddaa irraan gahuu Ajaji […]

Ethnic Clashes in Ethiopia’s Gambella Kill Dozens, Official Says

By William Davison This is Government prepared documentary film (Bloomberg) — Dozens of people have been killed in the western Ethiopia region of Gambella during fighting between Nuer and Anuak groups that involved local security forces, an official said. Weapons from neighboring South Sudan’s two-year civil war are contributing to the insecurity in Gambella, which […]

PAFD Strongly Condemns the Ethnic Cleansing in Gambella Region

On January 27, 2016, around 2:00 am local time, ‘special police’ from the regional administration of Gambella aided by local militia attacked Anuak civilians all over the region. Subsequently, the death of more than four dozen of Anuak civilians have been reported; and the indiscriminate massacre of unarmed Gambella civilians is said to be continuing. […]

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