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#‎OromoProtests – Mormiin Ummata Oromoo bifaa haaraan egale

#‎OromoProtests‬- (4.02.2016, ‪#‎QuoteaboutQubeeGeneration‬, Oromia) “Whether it be in central Oromia, where protests against land-grabbing in the name of ‘Master Plan’ has taken center stage, or the protests that we are observing now in Guji against exploitation and illegal extraction of Oromo natural resources by Al Amoudi and TPLF mafias, the Qubee Generation’s mission is unambiguous […]

OACC: Solidarity Message to Our Compatriots

We, the undersigned, representatives of Oromo civic, religious, academic, community and media organizations, hereby in unison convey our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost family members. We also send our unflinching support and message of solidarity to you, our people, who are valiantly resisting the repression by the Ethiopian government. The Oromo nation has […]

Bakar Shaalee is the next TPLF targeted prey

All OPDO leaders ended up in humiliation. This time is Moktar Kadir’s turn ‪#‎BilisummaaOromoo‬- (4.02.2016, ‪#‎BreakingNews‬, Oromiyaa) Ob Bakar Shaalee kan dhalate godinaa Arsi Lixa,aanaa Dodolaa ti. Hoji kan eegaale civil sarvisi keessatti ture. Akka lakkofsaa Habaasha baraa 2000 irra kaasee kaabine aanaa Dodolaa ta’e. Achin booda bulchaa aanaa Dodolaa ta’e.Waggaa 6f godina Arsii fi […]

#OromoProtests- (4.02.2016, Oromia) – Today, February 4, 2016

#OromoProtests- (4.02.2016, #Jaldu, Oromia) Oromo students form Jaldu secondary and preparatory school are protesting right now, in Gojo town,West Showa, Central Oromia. They demanding justice for victims of Oromo protests and Release of all the political prisoners, the Oromo students and youth condemn mass arrest and mass lining in Oromia region. #BilisummaaOromoo- (4.02.2016, #Jalduu, Oromiyaa) […]

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