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State Department Briefing on the situation in Oromia, February 9, 2016

US State Department spokesman John Kirby was asked during today’s daily press briefing on whether the US believes there should be an independent probe into the violence against #OromoProtests. Here is what he had to say. QUESTION: Different topic. Yesterday several Ethiopian American groups demonstrated outside of the State Department. They were asking for the […]

Gorsa, Torture and 2 years old bridge collapse in Oromia

‪#‎oromoprotests‬ Misooma daandii Wayyaaneen ittin ololtu laalaa. Riqichi kun waggaa lama dura Godina Wallagga Bahaa, Aana Sayyoo Gobbu keessatti hojjatame. kaleessa bifa kanaan jige. Gaafa eebbifamu Waggoota 50f tajaajila jedhamee ture, waggaan 50 isaani waggaa 2 tahe. Development in Oromia. This bridge was built for 50 years life span, but lasted only for 2 years […]

Oromo Songs: The Emotional Cry

By Dambal Galaana Several of my friends who don’t even know Afaan Oromo told me that they like Oromo music. I remember that some of my university classmates used to come to my dormitory to borrow Afaan Oromo cassettes. When I asked them what they liked about it, they gave me different answers: the voice […]

The Oromo doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone as they demand their rights

By Tsegaye Ararssa, Dr. If you fear the Oromo for asserting their rights, then blame your Oromophobia passed on to you through centuries of discursive violence meted out via ideologically motivated, state-driven official ‘history’ (and contemporary cultural propaganda). If Oromo defense of their land and natural resources strikes terror in you, then blame it on […]

#OromoProtests – Today, February 9, 2016

Qeerroon oromiyaa wareegama daangaa hin qabne kaffalee nyaaphaa afaan qawween isa ciraa jiru fulduraa dhabbatee falma fininsuu irra tare qabeenyaa wayyanoota kan ta’e SELAM BUS/ETHIO BUS irratti tarkaanfii jajjabduu akka fudhataa ture fi amma fudhachaa akka jiru qabsa’oonni biyyaa keessa ni hubachisuu. ================= KUMNIS HAA DU’U,KUMNIS HAA HIDHAAMU QABSOON ITTI FUFA! ================= INJIFANNOON UMMAATA OROMOOF!!! […]

Australia must denounce Ethiopian unrest

By Ms Parke Australia (Melissa Parke MP) — I wish to speak again of the serious human rights situation facing communities in Ethiopia. Since November last year it is believed that more than 140 people have been killed by security forces after a new wave of protests began in the Oromia region, following the government’s announcement relating […]

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