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By Duresso Maati The topic is borrowed from a conversation with a friend who drew a comparison between “Iyya Bokkaa” – the traditional Oromo prayer ritual in times of extended drought – and the current collective tribulation the nation is facing under the reign of terror unleashed by the TPLF minority regime. This article was […]

Thousands of Chinese prostitutes have joined the scramble for African riches

Kampala, Uganda (Quartz) — The Soothing Spot has Muzak, gurgling fountains, and a friendly local staff. By all accounts it is a legitimate, happy-ending-less massage parlor. No matter. A few months after opening in an upscale mall, management began photocopying ID cards and blanketed the waiting room with posters warning that untoward advances would not be […]

#OromoProtests – February 14, 2016

Listen to this advice Mormii guyyaa har’adha 14/2/2016 arsii lixaa shashamanee dargagoo ganda ‪#‎Abaaroo‬ moormii cima irra olan Akkasuma galgalaa kanaa gara magaalaan shashamanee naannoo araadaa mormii cima irra jira mana uffataa tigrootaa tokko gubatee ..suraa fi vidoa yoo danda’amee bal’adhina yaala jira VIV OROMIYAA Ijjoollee mana barumsaa Begii sad. 2ffaa fi Qophaa’inaa jabaadhaa hiree […]

Tokkummaa in South Africa

Tokkumma …praise to our flag by best brilliant legend new generation artist live concert in South Africa. Tokkumma Tokkumma mee issiin meqatuu issan kana jalata ?? jalatamoo saboonoo artistii Oromoo dhan fi bayee issan jalanaa dhashii lamaan issinifiin dhisse iti guutaa galatoma tokkumma cimssa

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