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Warning: The US Embassy travel warning to Oromia

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Security Message Clashes in Shashamane February 16, 2016 The U.S. Embassy is monitoring recent reports of violence in Shashamane town and clashes in nearby Aje town in Oromia State. The Embassy recommends all U.S. citizens avoid travel to this area at this time. Review your personal security plans; remain aware […]

Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Irratti Berreeffama Gene Sharp: ‘ Abbaa Irrumma Irraa…”

Kutaa – 6ffaa 5.3  Iftummaa/Banaa, Iccitii fi Hamilee Guddaa Iccitiin, gowwomsaa fi lafa jalaan shiruun qabsoo karaa nagaa godhamuuf rakkoo dha. Basaasotaa fi tikni mootummaa waan karoorfame akka hin barre godhuun hin danda’amu. Sochii karaa nagaa godhamuu iccitaawaa taasisuun sodaa irraa kan maddu tahee sodaas kan cimsuu dha. Kun ammoo namoota silaa sochii diddaa irraa […]

Children’s books breathe new life into Oromo language

(BBC) — The first publishing company to print children’s books in the Oromo language, which is spoken in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, has been launched. The Oromo language fell out of favour in Ethiopia under the rule of Haile Selassie, with the Amharic language and culture being favoured. It is the fourth most […]

TPLF is desperate to relate #OromoProtests to religion in Arsi zone of Oromia

The TPLF regime in Ethiopia does every thing to convince western countries to get support in suppressing the Oromo people’s genuine protests. For Oromo, this is the time when all of us around the globe stand together to expose the TPLF fabrications. The struggle in all over Oromia, including that of in Arsi zone, is nothing to […]

#‎OromoProtests – Continuation, February 16, 2016

‪#‎OromoProtests‬, (16.02.2016, ‪#‎ArsiResistance‬, Oromia) Arsi was the most cohesive and most resistant to Oromo conquest in history under the leadership of mythical Leenjsoo Diigaa lost only after years of fight. The geerarsaa went like that when Diigaa was leading the defensive war against aggressors. “Waan akka Leenjiso homuu qabnee Ka akka midhaan nu nyaatu nuhuu […]

Ethiopia must be broken down into 9 independent zones

By Ali Yare The current uprising in Ethiopia, especially in the Oromia area is likely the beginning of the end of the Addis Ababa regime. After years of oppression and power abuse, the people of Oromia, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, took to the streets expressing their anger and frustration openly but peacefully. Surprisingly, […]

Hawaasni Oromoo Biyya Ugaandaa Jiraatu, Gargaarsa Baqataa fi Birmannaa Ummata Biyya Keessaa Miidhamaa Jiruuf Akka Taasisu, Qophii Addaa fi Seena Qabeessa Magaalaa Kaampaalaatti Gaggeeffate Irratti Mirkaneesse

Gurraandhala 15, 2016 Kan Gabaase  Abbaa Seenaa Hawaasni Oromoo Biyya Yugaandaa jiraatu, Gurraandhala 14, 2015 Magaalaa Kaampaalaatti walitti dhufuun, Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Yugaandaa keessa jiraatan gama Dingdee fi dhimma isaanii ilaallatun gargaarsa barbaachisu gochuun wal cina dhaabbachuu fi, Lammiilee Oromoo Biyya keessaa gaaffii mirga Umamaa gaafachuu isaaniitiin qofaa Ajjeefamaa , hidhamaa fi hiraarfamaa jiran gama […]

Urgent Call to Boycott TPLF Owned and Controlled Businesses!

Albasa Dagaga Business Empire Meles built for TPLF Source: Ginbot 7 and others TPLF controls total economic and political domination of Ethiopia today. The TPLF is engaged in massive corruption and unethical business practices by national or international business rules and practices since its rise to power in Ethiopia. As a ruling party, it controls […]

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