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To those who have chosen to remain indifferent on ‪#‎OromoProtests‬

Najat Hamza To those who have chosen to remain indifferent on ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ or those who have taken side of TPLF barbaric regime. The evidence of Who I am but not who you claim me to be is in your silence! The #OromoProtests have confirmed what we already knew to be the truth. We are named […]

Oromia Protests: Hundreds Killed, Thousands Arrested In ‘Brutal Crackdown,’ Human Rights Watch Says

(International Business Times) — Ethiopian authorities are allegedly violently quashing protests in its restive Oromia region, with near-daily accounts of killings and arbitrary arrests, researchers at Human Rights Watch said Monday in a damning report. Activists claim more than 200 people have been killed, while thousands remain in detention without charges since November. Security forces […]

#OromoProtest – Massive Protests (Update 2), February 22, 2016

‪Light turned off in #‎Naqamte #‎OromoProtests‬- (22.02.2016, ‪#‎NaqamtewithoutLight‬, Oromia) This is Naqamtee. Electricity is shutdown. No one moves on the road. Recall that the army disarmed kebele militia and took the commanding post. And now they are firing every where. ‪#‎oromoprotests‬ Gurraandhala 22, 2016 Harargee Bahaa magaalaa Calanqoo keessatti Masnoo Adam Walee tan ganama kana […]

Ethiopia: Governing the Faithful

Africa Briefing No. 117 OVERVIEW (Crisis Group) — Ethiopia provides a significant example of the struggle governments are undertaking to find and implement effective policy responses to faith-based violent extremism and sectarian conflict. Given both demographic shifts and greater religious freedoms, the management of religious conflict and practice has of necessity been a complex and […]

#OromoProtests – Massive Protests, February 22, 2016

‪#‎Oromoprotests‬ GURAANDHALA 22, 2016 Baha Harargee Gaara mul’ataa magaalaa Furdaatti fincilli xumura gabrummaa arraas akkuma kaleessaa finiinaa oolee injifannoodhaan faayamee jira. Hanga ammatti magaala fi baadiyyaa dhunfachuun poolisii, kantibaa magaalaa furdaafi kaabineen aanaa irraa ergemtees baqatanii miilaan aanatti galani jiran. Wajjira poolisii magaalaa Furdaa qorqorroo ciranii dhaba isaatiis diganii faydaa ala ta’ee jira. Waajjiri bulchiinsa […]

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