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Diretube: 2015 Best Music Video – Haacaaluu Hundeessa – Maalan jira

The second Dire Tube award was hosted at Sheraton Addis last Saturday, March 26, 2016, and Dire Tube awarded artists and media personalities who were voted by the public. Here is the complete list of winners in their respective category. 2015 Best Music Video-Hachalu Hundesa Malanjira 2015 Best Music Video Director – Amensisa (director of […]

Urgent Appeal from Oromo Refugees in Cairo, Egypt

Warm greetnigs to all Oromos around the world! As you might heard, since March 27, 2016, we Oromo refugees in Cairo, Egypt including women and children as well as healthy and sick have been protesting the slow processing and unfair rejection of refugee cases by UNHCR. We have occupied the UNHCR’s gate over the last […]

Why Have Oromo People Been Clashing With The Ethiopian Government For So Long?

(Afrizap) — Ethiopia has been dealing with protests since November 2015. Around that time, the government had made the controversial decision to expand the municipal borders of capital city Addis Ababa into farmland of the Oromia region. Oromia is the largest of the nine ethnic regional states in the country. Opposition leaders and activists believe […]

#OromoProtests Daily, April 2, 2016

SBO Ebla 3, 2016 (SBO/VOL – Ebla 02,2016) Miseensotaa fi Kaabinoota wayyaanee Godina Baha Shawaa keessatti barattoota fi ummata irraan miidhaa guddaa geessisan irratti tarkanfiin boombii fudhatame. Bitootessa 31,2016 Godina Baha Shawaa magaalaa Bishooftuu ganda 01 keessatti kan argamu Hoteela Awaash jedhamu keessa qubachuun barattootaa fi ummata Oromoo irratti shira adda addaa xaxuun gidiraan akka […]

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