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Important factors in relation to reasonable time: think and share your idea

By Berhanu Kelbessa My point here is to state few ideas I have concerned about it and understood its most solution for our most chronic socio-economic and political problems and people’s lives trapped under many recurring, permanent and also more serious and dangerous conditions as I think. Concerned, because of the member of the society […]

#OromoProtest Daily, April 7, 2016 (updated)

Ebla 7,2016, Naannolee Qobboo fi Waldayaa akkasumas Gambeelaas dabalatee sochiin fincilaa jabaatee akka jirutu Qeeyroon gabaasee jira. Dabalataan toora Qobboo fi waldiyaatti transiformariin ibsaa gubatee bade ji’a tokko ol kan lakkaawe uummanni ifa dhabee rakkina kanan naannoo kanatti fincilli uumataan ka’eejira. ‪Ebla 7,2016 ,Naannoo Kibbaa godina Saganti magaala Konsootti Fincilli ka’ee finiinuu gabaasuun keenya ni […]

Is Ethiopia Worth Saving?

By Teferi Fufa I was listening to a news report coming out of Ethiopia today. The live reports sounded like horror stories written cleverly for their effects on the psyche of the reader. The images accompanying the reports were so gruesome they make one sick to his/her stomach. It is well documented that freedoms of […]

Ethiopia told to do extensive doping tests or face IAAF ban

(ABC) – Ethiopia must carry out mass doping tests on up to 200 athletes by November or be the latest to face further action by the World Anti-Doping Agency and a possible ban by the IAAF, track and field officials in the country said Thursday. Ethiopia will attempt to test between 150 and 200 athletes over […]

U.S., Ethiopia sign new agreement, enhance security partnership

(CJTF-HOA) — Senior defense and government officials from the U.S. and Ethiopia held the sixth annual Bilateral Defense Committee March 31, 2016, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The ministerial-level meeting produced a new agreement outlining the cross-exchange of logistics, services, supplies, and support between the nations, as well as a plan for future security cooperation activities […]

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