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Migrant crisis: Hundreds dead after capsize, say survivors

Source: BBC News [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”12″] Migrant crisis Short migrant journey back to Turkey EU-Turkey migrant deal: A Herculean task Turkey has European Union over a barrel The tricky business of solving Europe’s migrant crisis [/pullquote]Hundreds of migrants drowned when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean, survivors have told the BBC […]

#OromoProtests Daily, April 18, 2016 (updated)

” Ethiopia might not be a failed state but it is failed society. ******************************************************************* As we continue mourning the ongoing killings of Oromo civilians by the Ethiopian government armed forces, now in its fifth month, we heard the news of the South Sudanese invaders massacring about 200 Ethiopians in Gambella (simply because Ethiopians right to […]

Ethiopian runners sweep men’s, women’s titles at Boston Marathon

BOSTON (USA Today) — Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia rallied after falling more than 30 seconds off the pace, overcoming the deficit with a strong push through the final four miles to win the women’s Boston Marathon on Monday. Ethiopian runner Lemi Berhanu Hayle won the men’s race after breaking away from defending champion Lelisa Desisa. […]

Somalia’s president, prime minister and speaker of parliament have issued a joint condolence to the nation over an unconfirmed report that some migrants may have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea on a trip from Libya to Italy

Doonii biyya Masrii irraa gara Itaalii osoo deemaa jirtuu dhidhimterraa warri hafan akka jedhanitti, walii galatti namoonni doonii san yaabbatan gara namoota 550 yoo ta’an, kan dhuman gara 500 ti. Oromoon doonii sanirra turan, 250’tti yoo tilmaamaman; walii galatti hanga ammaatti baqattootni Oromoo lubbuun baraaraman 9 qofatu beekkame. Taarreen maqaa isaanii kan armaan gadii ti. […]

Kana Beektu Laata: Qabale Duba, From a Village to Greater Heights

Kenya (Marsabit Times) — As part of our Beauty and Brains series, we caught up with Qaballe Duba, a young lady from Marsabit County, who was the first Miss Tourism Marsabit County. She is also a nurse professionally. She was also nominated to attend a YALI fellowship, president Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative,  and this […]

Ethiopia attack: 200 people dead, 100 children missing

(Aljazeera) — The death toll from a raid carried out by attackers from South Sudan in western Ethiopia has risen to 208 people, an Ethiopian official said, adding that 108 children were kidnapped. By Sunday afternoon, the number had risen to “208 dead and 75 people wounded” from a figure of 140 a day earlier, […]

Unconditionally Release the Sidama Political Prisoners

SNLF Press Release, April 2016 The following Sidama scholars and businessmen have been kidnapped by the security forces of the TPLF led government of Ethiopia and are currently languishing in the most notorious prison of the country known as ‘Maikelawi’ in the country’s capital Finfinnee (Addis Ababa): 1) Solomon Naayu (A Business Person) 2) Desalegn Meessa […]

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