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114th Congress 2d Session: Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia

  Mr. CARDIN (for himself, Ms. CANTWELL, Mrs. MURRAY, Mr. MARKEY, Mr. COONS, Mr. MENENDEZ, Mr. LEAHY, Mr. FRANKEN, Mr. DURBIN, Ms. KLOBUCHAR, and Mr. RUBIO) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on _________________ ____________________________ RESOLUTION Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia. Whereas the first pillar […]

‘Unbridled violence’ in Gambella leaves Ethiopia searching for answers

William Davison, April 20 (The Guardian) — The South Sudanese attackers arrived on foot before dawn. In the Nuer villages in the grasslands of Gambella in western Ethiopia, people woke to the sound of gunshots and tried to flee, but armed men stopped them. Mothers were shot when they tried to stop the raiders taking […]

Hawaasi Oromoo Biyya Ugaandaa Magaalaa Kaampaalaa Jiraatu, Sirna Guyyaa Yaadannoo Wareegamtoota Oromoo Gaggeeffate

Gabaasa, Abbaa Seenaa Hawaasni OROMOO magaalaa kaampaalaa jiraatu, Ebila 15, Guyyaa Yaadannoo Wareegamtoota/Gootoota Oromoo walitti dhufuun kan gaggeeffate yennaa ta’uu, sirni guyyaa yaadannoo wareegamtoota Oromoo kun akka aadaa Oromootti eebba Maanguddootaa fi yaadannoo sammuu Gootoota/ wareegamtoota Oromoof taasisuun eegalee jira. Itti aansuun keessummaan sirna kanaa, maqaa hawaasa Oromoo Magaalaa Kaampaalaatiin , guyyaa yaadannoo wareegamtoota Oromoof, […]

Up to 500 migrants die in Mediterranean shipwreck

By Nick Squires (Telegraph) — Up to 500 migrants and refugees died when their boat capsized in the middle of the Mediterranean, survivors have claimed, amid confusion over what would rank as one of Europe’s worst migrant tragedies. Accounts of the disaster were provided by a group of 41 survivors, all from African countries, who were […]

#OromoProtests Daily, April 2016 (this page is continuously updated during the day)

RIP Jaalata Lammii, Jamaal Huseen, Mulu Bekele and many more Jaalataa, Muluu & Jamaal *Ana haa nyaatu lammii * New Oromo Music 2016 Jaalata Lammii Jaalata Lammii and Tafarii Makonnan Jamaal Huseen Mulu Bekele Oromo Voice Radio, April 2016 ‪‪#‎OromoProtests‬-(20.04.2016, ‪#‎FreeBenishangul‬, Benishangul) This is Mr. Juma Alrufae Ameen who was a minister for development in […]

Protests Continue Against TPLF regime

#Oromoprotests in Washington DC hearings on Oromo protest and Ethiopian regime killing students Evening After Briefing and Demonstration in Washington, DC April 19, 2016

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