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Yaadannoon Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo Sochii Warraaqsaan Yaadatama!! Dhaamsa Gabaabaa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Ebla 22, 2016 (Qeerroo) — Ebilli 15 Guyyaa Gootata Oromoon Cinatti baatiin Ebila Sochii Warraaqsaa Biyyoolessaa Oromiyaa (FDG-FXG) ifatti bifa qindaa’ee fi ijaarameen gaggeessuu itti eegallee waan ta’eef Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo; gootota barattoota dargaggoota/shamarran Oromoo fi Uummata Oromoo bal’aa biratti bifa adda ta’een Ilaalama. Gumaan gootota Oromoo kab bahu akeeka isaan itti wareegamaniif galmaan gahuu […]

Bob Geldof: From Activist to Investor

By Owen Barder (Center for Global Development) — Celebrity activists who campaign about development are often sneered at by development economists and by commentators; they are variously accused of ignorance, of exploiting a cause to further their own career, or even of wanting to perpetuate poverty to justify their own public profile. Bob Geldof has given an extended […]

Zenophobic Riots Erupt in Zambia Over Ritual Killings By Foreigners

(How Africa) — Hundreds of foreigners have gathered in various police stations in a roughly-built hut seeking for protection from Zambian aggressors that are robbing their stores and businesses. Yesterday, April 18, fierce Zenophobic attacks erupted in Lusaka, Zingalume, George and parts of Garden aand Mandevu compounds. Zambians rioted and robbed stores owned by foreigners […]

Machar stays put in Ethiopia as S. Sudan rivals quibble over arms, and world powers show irritation

(Mail & Guardian Africa) — SOUTH Sudan rebel chief Riek Machar will miss an international deadline on Saturday to return to the capital to take up the post of vice president, the government and rebels said, with his arrival now expected next week.[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”12″]South Sudan rebel chief to miss international […]

#OromoProtests Daily, April 23 2016 (updated)

‪#‎OromoProtests‬-(23.04.2016, ‪#‎AdelaideOromo‬, Oromia) Kun guyyaa yaadannoo Gootota Oromoo Adelaide, South Australia kabajame. Hawaasti Oromoo Adelaide guyyaa kaleessa walitti dhufuun hojii fi wareega gootota Oromoof kabaja qaban ibsanii ru. Diddaa fi mormii Oromoo akka deeggaran illee mulisaniiru. Brookings Institution will have Panel Discussion on the Security Situation in Ethiopia and its regional political and economic implication […]

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