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Burundi general killed as ICC opens probe into atrocities

Nairobi (AFP), April 25, 2016 – A top Tutsi general was gunned down in Burundi on Monday, the latest bloodshed in a year of violent political turmoil that has now prompted a preliminary probe by international prosecutors into a litany of atrocities. A wave of unrest, targeted assassinations and alleged torture has left some 500 […]

Ethiopia ethnic violence kills 14, aid groups targeted

Gambela, Ethiopia (AFP) – Clashes between different ethnic groups in west Ethiopia have left 14 dead, while UN and MSF offices were targeted by angry protesters, local security service sources said. The violence was sparked after an NGO car with an Ethiopian driver ran over and killed two children from the Nuer ethnic group in a […]

ICC to probe Burundi clashes that left 430 dead – Bensouda

(The Star) — The international war crimes court will investigate outbreaks of violence in Burundi that have killed hundreds and forced hundreds of thousands to flee abroad since a political crisis erupted a year ago. The office of the UN human rights high commissioner estimates at least 430 people have been killed there since last […]


South Sudan: Failure of Government of South Sudan and Opposition to Form TGNU

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesperson ________________________________________ For Immediate Release STATEMENT BY JOHN KIRBY, SPOKESPERSON April 24, 2016 The United States is disappointed by the continued failure of the Government of South Sudan and by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement -SPLM/A-IO (IO) to form the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) and implement […]


How Konso people’s demand for constitutional self-determination was met with state violence    Abate Seyoum, from Konso (Addis Standard) — Undoubtedly, Ethiopia is going through nervous times. The much publicized massive anti-government protests by the Oromo, the country’s largest ethnic group, since the last five months reveal the depth and length of the government’s intolerance […]

#OromoProtests Daily, April 25, 2016 (updated)

Godina Arsii Lixaa Aanaalee Doddolaa, Shaashimannee fi Kofalee Keessatti Waraanni Wayyaanee Uummata Saamaa Jiraachuun Beekame. Ebla 25, 2016, Godina Arsii lixaa aanaa Doddolaa, Shaashimannee fi Kofaleetti waraanni mootummaa faashistii Wayyaaneen saamicha uummata Oromoo irratti raawwataa jiraatuu fi nama nagaa daandii irra deemus hidhuun beekame. Kana males akka Qeeyroon godinichaa addeesssutti barataa hedduun ukkaamamaa jira mootummaa […]

How African governments block social media

(BBC) — A small but increasing group of African governments is blocking social media during elections. Clare Spencer asks why and how this is done and how people get around it. Why are African governments blocking social media? It is safe to say governments aren’t blocking social media to cut off the supply of cute […]

Hidhata Abaarii fii Mootummoota Habashaa

Abbaa Urjii tiin “Duumeeysaa rooba fida – roobaa galaana fida,” ja’u. Kuni gaafa jiruu fii jireenyi lammii dhunfata isaanii jala ture, gaafa uumamni (nature) sadoo fii gammachuun hawaasa badhaasu. Ee! Gaafasumaa, ali-ali/yaroo-garii duumeeysi qe’eerraa ni dhabama. Duumeeysi dhabamnaan roobni ni hanqata. Roobni hanqannaan boolla midhaanii banatu. Bonni walitti dhaabbatee midhaan boolla ifii keessa jiru yo […]

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