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NPR: Ethiopian Runners Say They Face Discrimination

Washington DC based National Public Radio (NPR) talks about the discrimination against Oromo runners When Ethiopia barred its best distance runner from competing in the 2016 Olympics, many saw it as an act of ethnic discrimination. Another runner from the same ethnic group says he was exiled.

A Historic Mass Uprising in Oromia

By: Itana Gammadaa The only viable choice for nations or peoples under colonial occupation is to set forth their goals, become organized and united in their stated objectives, and fight for their freedom, independence, justice, and dignity. Because of infringements of colonialism and imperialism on the way of life of indigenous peoples, never in human […]

A letter to Bekele Gerba

BY ELELLA DABA How does one start a letter to a hero of the people? What are the right words that ought to be used to ask how you are doing during these trying times? How are those languishing in prison with you doing? After four years of imprisonment, my hope and prayer was that […]

#OromoProtests, June 5, 2016

#‎oromoprrotests‬ axabajjii 05,2016) Sabbataa fi Holotaa gidduutti kan argamu naannoo bosona Subbaa, Tulluu Hococaa biratti waraanni wayyaanee haleelamee wayyaanotni reeffa loltoota isaanii akka ijaan argan hubatame. Tarkaanfii loltoota isaanii irratti fudhatametti kan aaran wayyaanotni ABO tu itti gala waan ta’eef, bosonni kun gubachuu qaba waan jedhaniif ummatni nu fixxu malee bosonni kun hin gubatu jedhanii […]

Ethiopia is a human-rights disaster: Spare a thought for the Ethiopians in our midst

By Muthoni Wanyeki Ethiopia is a human-rights disaster. Which means that Kenya is host to over 30,000 asylum-seekers and refugees and they still need Kenya’s protection Nairobi (The East African) — The Madaraka Day presidential speech reiterated the executive’s determination to end Kenya’s hosting of asylum-seekers and refugees. That determination affects asylum-seekers and refugees from many […]

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