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The Ethiopian Government is disparate to deflect attention from its crisis

(Ayyaantuu) –The Ethiopian government is trying to turn away attention from unrecoverable damage it sustained in the past seven month Oromo protests. The protest uncovered the true dictatorial nature of this regime to the world. Millions of investors across the globe were invited by the regime to rush for land occupation for almost free. But, now […]

#OromoProtests, June 12, 2016 – Focus on Australia Violence

‪#‎OromoProtests‬ this evening Agazi soldiers opened fire on wedding party in Waliso killing one person and injuring several others. The young man died up on arrival at Waliso Hospital and yet to be identified. ======== Galgala kana loltoonni Agaazii Walisotti cidha tokko irratti dhukaasa banuun nama tokkoo yeroo ajjeessan hedduu ammoo madeessanii jiran. Gurbaan ajjeefame […]

Haxxummaa fi Malaamaltummaa Mootota Habashaa

Damee Boruu irraa Mootonni Habashaa haxxummaa fi malaamaltummaan akkataa itti uummata cabsuu fi bituu danda’an wal duraa booda wal irraa barachaa, wal dhaalaa amma guyyaa har’aa gahanii jiru. Malaamaltummaan tokkoof hojjete isa biraa hin hojjetu. Inni Itti aanu immoo haxxumaa biraan as bahuu qaba. Haayile Selaaseen Mo’aa Lenca Yihuundaa Mootii moototaa kan Waaqayyon muude godhee […]

Ethiopia faces up to child labor crisis

(World Bulletin) – Eleven-year-old Andualem, one of Ethiopia’s estimated 5.5 million underage workers, does not know that Sunday is World Day Against Child Labor. Andualem works as welder at an auto-repair shop located in the heart of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. His workplace is also his home. “I worked as a carwash boy since I […]

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