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Dhaabnii Mirga Ilmaan Namaa Oromiyaan To’annuma Waraanaa Jala Jirti Jedhus Mootummaan Itoophiyaa Garuu Dhaabni Kun Dharuma Gabaasa Jedha

Tigist Gammee WASHINGTON, DC (VOA Afaan Oromoo) — Gabaasnii Hiwumanan Raayitis Waach (HRW) fi koomishiniin Mirga Dhala nama Itoophiyaa, mormiin Oromiyaa irratti midhaa gahe, akkasumaas lakkoofsa namoota ajjeefamanii fi hidhamanii himuu iratti adda adummaa guddaa qaban. Ministirri dhimmoota koominikeeshinii Itoophiyaa, obboo Getachoo Raddaa, “dhabni lamaan ammuma techoon wajjira saanii walirraa fagaatan gabaasni isaanis addaan fagaata,” jedhee, […]

#OromoProtests, June 17, 2016

ሰበር ዜና በድሬዳዋ ሶስት የጦር ሄሊኮፕተሮች መውደማቸው ተገለጸ በቅርቡ በኢትዮ-ኤርትራ ድንበር የተካሄደውን ውጊያ ተከትሎ በዝግጅት ላይ በነበሩ ሄሊኮፕተሮች ላይ በደረሰ አደጋ፣ ሶስቱ ከጥቅም ውጭም መሆናቸውን የኢሳት የአየር ሃይል ምንጮች ገለጹ። አደጋው የተከሰተው በድሬዳዋ አየር ምድብ ሲሆን፣ ለአደጋው መንስዔ ሆነ የተገኙት ሌ/ኮሎኔል ፀጋዘዓብ ካሳ የተባሉ አብራሪ መሆናቸውም ታውቋል አብራሪው የወያኔ ታጋይና ምንም የትምህርት ብቃት የሌላቸው መሆኑን […]

Human Rights Watch says more than 400 killed in Ethiopia protests

By Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopian security forces killed more than 400 people in their bid to quell protests that wracked the Horn of Africa country’s vast Oromiya province since November, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday. Plans to allocate farmland in Ethiopia’s largest region surrounding the capital for development sparked fierce demonstrations […]

Lethal Government Force Brings Ethiopian Region to Fearful Standstill

By JACEY FORTIN GINCHI, Ethiopia (New York Times)  — In a grassy field, a group of would-be 12th graders kills time under the midday sun. No one is going to school anymore, out of fear. In a town crawling with federal and local police officers, even talking in a large group can be dangerous, the […]

Has Eritrea’s migration problem been exaggerated?

(BBC News) — The migration crisis in Europe has thrust Eritrea under the spotlight. Last year, more people fled to Europe from this small, secretive nation than from any other African country. The BBC’s Mary Harper has gained rare access. One of the first people I meet in Eritrea is a young woman who tells […]

An Oromo Dilemma: The National Question and Democratic Transition

Ezekiel Gebissa, Special to Addis Standard (Addis Standard) — In his ground breaking study, An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, the Swedish Nobel-laureate economist Gunnar Myrdal described America’s race problem as a vicious cycle in which whites oppressed blacks and then blamed their alleged poor performance as the reason for their oppression. The way to […]

The struggle has to Transcend Spontaneity | Qabsoon Tasummaa irra Cehuu Qaba

By Ibsaa Guutama  | Gubirmans Before the sixties Oromo struggle used to erupt in different corners spontaneously. At a period when time and space were not conducive many heroes and heroines paid the ultimate sacrifice. It was failure of such struggle that led the ensuing generation to ponder over it. It meant rise and fall […]

OLF is Oromo, Oromo is OLF | ABOn Oromoo dha Oromoon ABO dha

By Ibsaa Guutama  | Gubirmans Oromo liberation movement originated from pain oppression caused to Oromo society. At a period when poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and physical and psychological abuse reached an intolerable level in Oromiyaa social movements to ameliorate them started to show up and political grievances started to simmer. Among the social movements the greatest […]

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