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For Somali-Ethiopians, life under TPLF rule worse than DERG regime

By Ahmed Ugas Yusuf | June 19, 2016 (Sahan Journal) — The most damning aspect of our communal character as Somali-Ethiopians is our inability to engage in a dispassionate analysis of politics and power dynamics. Instead of trying to understand and predict the behaviors of our rulers through political economy analysis, we invent emotional stories and […]

Amboo Gara Galgalaa – Listen to this young boy

Washington, DC, June 19, 2016 Once a month, I will be releasing a video related to my people. This is the first episode of my series “Amboo Gara Galgalaa”, and I would really appreciate it if you all would share the video. Stay tuned for the following episodes! I have some exciting things in store […]

#OromoProtests, June 19, 2016

People always think that the people who are good at things and talented just had it easy. They were born with it. Icciitii wayyaanee B. Gen/Hayluu Gonfaa saaxile keessaa muraasa. ===================== 1.Hospitaalli magaalaa Maqaleetti ijaarame qaama dhala namaa keessattuu kan raayyaa ittisaa filee “export” gochaa jiraachuu. Akka Gen/Hayluun jedhanitti Tigiraayi keessatti waggaa tokko keessatti yoo […]

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