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Are Ethiopia’s Oromo being violently repressed? – UpFront

Getachew Reda, Ethiopia’s communication minister, debates Lencho Bati, committee member of the Oromo Democratic Front. (Aljazeera) — More than 400 Oromos have been killed and tens of thousands arrested since November, a recent report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) found. The Ethiopian government says that some protesters who are from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group have died, […]

The success of Brexit (British exit) campaign has made the dream of Oromia exit (Orexit) from Ethiopian Empire more valid and justified: Objective championed by the OLF

By Leelloo Sabaa Because of life time decision that the British people had to make and the fall out of that decision around Europe, for Europeans in general and British people in particular, the last several months were rather very difficult. The campaign temperature for “leave” European Union (Brexit) led by personalities like the leader […]

Oromo Cafe Bringing Craft Lattes, Nutritious Pastries To Lincoln Square

By Patty Wetli LINCOLN SQUARE (Dna Info) — Carving out a new niche in Chicago’s coffee scene is a tall, dare we say grande, order. But that’s what the team behind Lincoln Square’s coming-soon Oromo Cafe, 4703 N. Lincoln Ave., is aiming for. Drawing inspiration from the craft cocktail movement, owner Cenk Duman, 24, and chef […]

#OromoProtests, June 24, 2016

oduu gaaddisisaa ========================= guyyaa haardhaa kana jechunis 25/6/2016 yunivaristii saayinsifi tekinolojii Adaamaa keessattii kana argamuu Gumiin Aadaa fi seenaa oromoo ykn GASO kab jedhamu guyyaa haardha tana galgalaa 12:00 irraa kasee saganta ballee ykn Angoo fi hundeefama waggaa 10 ffaa gumichaa kabajacha olaan haa ta’u malee saganata kana irrattii kan argamaan keessummaa kabaja ta’udhaan. Dargagoo […]

Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce begins

BRUSSELS (FT) — BRITAIN’S vote to leave the EU sets in train the world’s most complex divorce. There are rough guidelines on how to proceed, but the negotiation will be largely improvised. Estimates of how long it will take range from two years to a decade or more. For officials involved, it is a legal […]

Ajjechaan Ilmaan Oromoo Irratti Raawwataa Jiru FXG Boodatti Hin Deebisu!!

Ibsa Gabaabaa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Mootummaan Wayyaanee Abbaa Irrummaa isaa bifa mul’ataa fi dhokataadhaan gadi jabeessee itti fufuun lammillee Oromiyaa ilmaan Oromoo mana jireenya isaa fi bakkoota hojii akkasumas manneen barnootaa sadarkaa gadii hamma Yuniverstii keessatti adamsuun rasaasaan ajjeesaa kaanis hidhaatti guuraa aangoo irra bubbuluun waggppta 26 lakkaawataa jira. Waggoota umurii Mootummaan EPRDF(TPLF) aangoo irra […]

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