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#OromoProtests, June 30, 2016 (updated)

‪#‎oromoprotests‬ waxabajjii 30 Bara 2016) Oduu Godina Iluu Abbaa Boor Aanaa Aallee Diiduu irraa nu gaheen, Baratootin mana Barumsa Oongaa Gaafii Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa kaasuu jaraatiin wal qabatee baratootin 30 humna Poolisa Federalaa tiin gara mana hidhaati magaalaa Goreeti guuramuun beekame.hidhamtoota kana irratti tarkaanfii jabaa fudhachuu irratti marii poolisoota Oromiyaa fi Federaalaa gidduuti ta’een wal […]

Gada Theory and practices

Part Three: By Geremew Nigatu Kassa, M.A/Phil. in Gada institution, political process and system of conflict resolution. Oslo, Norway. This article is a continuation of the the first and the second parts of Gada theory and practices which I privously posted on different websites. 1.8). The institutional structure of Gada System and its Composition The […]

Allow Ethiopian opposition politician to obtain treatment abroad for torture-sustained injuries

(Amnesty International) — The Ethiopian authorities must allow an opposition politician who is now unconscious due to injuries sustained in torture and other ill-treatment to obtain life-saving medical treatment abroad, said Amnesty International in a letter to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Habtamu Ayalew, the former spokesman for the opposition Andenet (Unity) party was arrested […]

France deported dozens of migrants to high-risk countries in violation of international law

‘These migrants have probably suffered inhuman treatment upon arrival,’ human-rights groups have warned. By Elsa Buchanan (IBTimes) — In 2015, France expelled or deported more than 10,500 migrants from its territory, including peopleseeking asylum from poverty or war that were eligible for refugee status, in a violation of international laws and conventions. As the migrant […]

Ijoo Dubbii – ABO: Akeeldaamaa, Draamaa Wayyaanee Haaraa

Ummatni Oromoo mirga irraa hir’ate beekee mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa isaa gonfatuuf falmaa irra jira. Falmaa kana keessatti  ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi midhaaleen adda addaa irratti raawwatamu dachaan dabalullee harka  kennachiisuu hin dandeenye. Harqoota gabrummaa jalatti bara baraan dhiitamaa jiraatuu irra bilisummaaf qabsaawaa wareegamuu filatee bilisummaa isaaf guyyuu wareegama baasaa jira.  Qabsoon bilisummaa itti jiru […]

Israel Is a Racist Country. Take It From Me, an Ethiopian Israeli

By Revital Iyov, Haaretz Contributor Formal equal rights aren’t enough. Equality must be seen on the ground, but on social media we still get ‘Go back to Ethiopia.’ (Haaretz) — “Israel is one of the most racist countries in the world,” said Tahunia Rubel, an Ethiopian-born Israeli model and actress. The remarks by Rubel, who […]

Drought in Ethiopia: ‘Life is very difficult…I have lost everything’

By Ciara Jordan (Independent) — The unforgiving effect of El Nino has resulted in over 10.2 million people in Ethiopia in need of food aid. The country is experiencing the worst drought in three decades. Those who were already vulnerable before the climate change phenomenon are the worst affected. When crops failed last year, only […]

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