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Ethiopia’s political crisis: Norway worried, calls for participatory politics

(Africa News) — Norway says it is concerned about the restive situation in the horn of Africa region in general but more so about Ethiopia. A “partner” suffering from political unrest resulting in a recently imposed state of emergency. The Norwegian Foreign Affairs chief, Borge Brende, added that there was the need for the government […]

Ethiopia’s state of emergency: both sides are determined to fight to the finish

Ethiopia’s state of emergency: both sides are determined to fight to the finish

(The Conversation) — Waves of protests have gripped Ethiopia since last November. In response the government has declared a six month state of emergency. In an interview with The Conversation Africa’s Samantha Spooner, Asafa Jalata describes the impact of the state of emergency and what it could mean for the future of the country. Who […]

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban with HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

Ethiopia state of emergency rules largely flouts international law – HRW

(Africa News) — The state of emergency imposed by the Ethiopian government has measures that are in clear breach of international law, according to a legal analysis of the October 9 directive carried out by Human Rights Watch (HRW). HRW in a statement published on Monday (October 31) described the curfew rules as containing ‘overly […]

Photo by: John Iglar / CC BY-SA

Ethiopia’s state of emergency silences aid workers — and some of their work

By Andrew Green (Devex) — The Ethiopian government’s recently imposed state of emergency, which followed months of clashes between political protesters and security forces, has imposed new curfews, limited the movement of civilians and diplomats and outlawed opposition media. It has also largely silenced the extensive international aid community operating in the country from speaking […]

Children explore the remains of a cargo truck in Sebeta, central Ethiopia on October 13, 2016 after protesters took to the street to vandalise property thought to belong to the government/AFP

Without Reform Ethiopia Risks a Deepening Crisis

By Agence France Press, Adddis Ababa Nairobi,  (capital fm) — Oct 3, 2016  faced with its most serious challenge yet, the Ethiopian regime, a crucial Western ally in the fight against terrorism, risks a deepening crisis if promised reforms do not come, researchers and analysts warn. A nationwide state of emergency since October 9 combined […]

Ethiopia ‘Releases 2,000 Detainees’ Held Under State of Emergency

Ethiopia ‘Releases 2,000 Detainees’ Held Under State of Emergency

The state of emergency is meant to crack down on anti-government rhetoric. BY CONOR GAFFEY ON 10/31/16 Human Rights Watch Report On Violence In Ethiopa (News Week) — Ethiopia has released around 2,000 people detained for partaking in recent anti-government protests, according to the country’s defense minister. The Ethiopian government imposed a six-month nationwide state […]

Humsn Rights Plantations Investigation Human Rights Oromo Protesters - security forces

Legal Analysis of Ethiopia’s State of Emergency

Summary (HRW) — On October 9, 2016, the Ethiopian government announced a country-wide six-month state of emergency. This followed a year of widespread protests against government policies that state security forces violently suppressed, killing hundreds of people and detaining tens of thousands. [1]   Protesters also committed a number of attacks on government buildings and private […]


Press Release on the outcome of IOLA organized Oromo Conference for National Consensus

International Oromo Lawyers Association – IOLA – organized in London, UK, a two day “Oromo Conference for National Consensus” from 22 – 23 October 2016 in which all Oromo political organizations, members of major Civic Society, the Media and Human Rights activists took part. The objective of the Conference was to contribute to the ongoing […]


The Pseudo-Unity Promoters of Habesha based Colonial Forces’ Trickery Politics

By Falmataa Sabaa (PhD)* We often hear loud voice of unity, democracy and freedom even from Habesha colonial forces of Ethiopian empire regimes. The regimes’ media (the state TV, radio and news papers) had been largely seemingly dedicated to unity of peoples in Ethiopia. In fact, the unity habesha regime/elites pop for had always contained […]


Unity yet, now talk of nations

(Reinvent Ethiopia) — Everyone is scrambling to form an ”alliance” these days. Thing is- it must be a deja-vu for some of them. The Oromo movement has made everyone itching and nervous. Some want to befriend us, other want to look to befriending us, and the remaining are openly hostile to us. Folks, it is […]

Dereje Debele Tulu claimed victory in a time of 2:12:08

Dereje Debele Tulu wins Dublin City Marathon

Over 19,000 atheletes took part, October 30,2016 (News Talk) — Dereje Tulu crossed the line in a time of 2 hours 12 minutes and 8 seconds. He was followed by the women’s winner from Namibia Helalia Johannes who was just 20 minutes slower. Up to 19,500 people took part in the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon […]

Ethiopia’s crisis is a result of decades of land disputes and ethnic power battles

Ethiopia’s crisis is a result of decades of land disputes and ethnic power battles

(QZ) — When anti-government protests rocked Gondar city in northern Ethiopia in July, ethnic Tigrayans living in the Amhara region started fleeing. For a quarter of a century, the Tigrayans, who make up only 6% of the country’s over 100 million population, have enjoyed disproportionate influence and representation in government. But as the latest wave […]


Former TPLF’s Cadres Cannot Spearhead the Sidama National Struggle for Self-Determination

Press Release By Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) 30 October 2016 Ever since the Sidama nation was forcefully annexed into the Ethiopian empire by the invading army of King Minelik II 125 years ago, our society relentlessly resisted political subjugation and wanton economic exploitation by the successive regimes. The Sidama society rejected serfdom that reduced […]

Democratizing Ethiopia is not a shift in paradigm but maintaining the Colonial Status quo

Democratizing Ethiopia is not a shift in paradigm but maintaining the Colonial Status quo

By Danbale Part 1 This paper although emerged from my reflection at the London Oromo Conference (22-23 Oct 2016)it is not about appraising the conference but about the unspoken messages behind the conference. I convinced myself to attend the conference to observe two major outcomes: how the International Oromo Lawyers Association (IOLA) would bring to […]


Ethiopia’s troop withdrawal from Somalia: UN worried over humanitarian crisis

(Geesguud) — The United Nations (UN) is deeply concerned about the continuous withdrawal of international troops from Somalia and the subsequent takeover of such ‘abandoned’ territories by al-shabaab insurgents. According to the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the situation is worsening the humanitarian situation in Somalia battling insurgency. Ethiopia has since […]


Can Poverty Lead To Mental Illness?

(NPR) — After a mother killed her four young children and then herself last month in rural China, onlookers quickly pointed to life circumstances. The family lived in extreme poverty, and bloggers speculated that her inability to escape adversity pushed her over the edge. Can poverty really cause mental illness? It’s a complex question that […]

Ethiopia's Simien National Park. Free to use image from Pixabay

Ethiopia’s Regime Faces Precarious Times As Diaspora Plans for the Future

(Global Voices) — In November 2015, residents of a small town called Ginchi launched protests against a proposal by Ethiopia’s government to expand Addis Ababa, the capital, into the surrounding farmlands in the Oromia region. The protests have since grown into a movement demanding greater self-rule, freedom and respect for the ethnic identity of the Oromo people, who […]

FILE - In this Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016 file photo, protesters chant slogans against the government during a march in Bishoftu, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.
But while things might seem calm in the streets of Addis Ababa, those perceived as challenging the government's views say they are often blocked from carrying out their activities.

Rights Activists in Ethiopia Report Obstacles at Every Turn

ADDIS ABABA (VOA News) — Ethiopian human rights activists, members of opposition parties and those working in the media say their freedom of movement has been severely limited since the government declared a state of emergency three weeks ago. Many are afraid to speak out while others had to stop working. Ethiopia’s government has insisted the […]

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