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Qabeenyi Hogganoota Wayyaanee Humna Hin Beekamneen Oromiyaa Keessa Dhabamaa Jira

Onkolooleessa 08,2016 ( — Magaalaa sabbataatti kan argaman warshaa BMT, warshaa uffataa Arbaaminci, warshaa shittoo, dhaabbata DST, warshaa abaaboo  dabalataanis manni jireenyaa tigirootaa  ganda 02  fi 08tti argaman gubatniiru. Kana malee sochiin itti fufee diimaa bakka jedhamutti warshaa biiraa meettaa sheh alhamuddin warshaa uffataa siyaagil 2, warshaa uffataa arbaamincii, konkolaataa daandiirra turan  wajjira gandaa 1, barbadeeffameera. […]

Foreigners Shutting Down their Businesses in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (AFP) – Anti-government protesters in Ethiopia have turned their anger on foreigners, torching tourist resorts and foreign-owned factories in the restive Oromia region, local media reported Friday. At least 11 companies, including textile and plastic factories, were torched in recent days in the town of Sebeta as well as about 60 vehicles, according […]

Ethiopian protesters attack factories in Africa’s rising economic star

People from Oromiya accuse the government of seizing their land and offering tiny compensation, before selling it on to companies. * Death toll in unrest exceeds 450, says activists * State-led growth delivers stellar economic gains * Political opening seen lagging in development agenda * Opponents say government stifling dissent (Adds details on Dutch farm, […]

Humsn Rights Plantations Investigation Human Rights Oromo Protesters - security forces

Germany: Merkel Should Press Rights on Africa Trip

Curbing Security Force Abuses, Ensuring Justice Crucial in Ethiopia, Mali Berlin (HRW) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel should stress the urgent need for key rights reforms during her visits to Mali, Niger, andEthiopia. Between October 9 and 11, 2016, Chancellor Merkel will meet officials in each country to discuss migration to Europe, as well as […]


(Cairoscene) — After she was imprisoned in her native land, Ilili Jamal escaped Ethiopia’s persecution of the Oromo in a torturous three-week-long journey to take refuge in Egypt. Ilili Jamal didn’t know that she was pregnant when they arrested her. She realised it sometime throughout the torturous five months she spent in prison, as she […]

#FXG, October 8, 2016

#OromoRevolution“”Godina Arsii Bahaa Aanaa Leemmuuf bilbiloo magaala xiqqoo Bar kumee jedhamtu keessatti waraana Agaazii otoo konkolaataan gara magaala Silxaanaa deemaa jiranuu Ummanni magaalaa Bar kumee agaazii 5 eboodhaan wawaraananii ajjeesuun hedhannoo jaraa guutuu irraa fudhanii jiru.” Dhaamsa kana naaf dabarsi dubbii dhugaati waan ta’eef.” “You think with what you know” a basic management principle. Ogeessi […]

A note of condolence on the passing of Dr. Sharon Gray in Oromia

By Boru Jibat Dr. Siobhan Brady, supervisor and co-worker of Dr. Sharon Gray, Department of Plant Biology Dr. William Lucas Chair, Department of Plant Biology Dr. Ann Britt vice Chair Department of Plant Biology and Faculty and Staff of the Department of Plant Biology and the UC Davis Community It was with […]

Humsn Rights Plantations Investigation Human Rights Oromo Protesters - security forces

Q&A: Recent Events and Deaths at the Irreecha Festival in Ethiopia

(HRW) — The following questions and answers are critical to understanding recent events inEthiopia. Responses are written by Felix Horne, senior Ethiopia researcher at Human Rights Watch. The Human Rights Watch analysis of the situation is informed by 15 interviews with people who witnessed and lived through the events of October 2, 2016, as well […]

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