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Ethiopia’s state of emergency could trigger civil war and food shortage

by Edao Dawano (OPride) — The Irreecha massacre on October 2 in Bishoftu, a town 25 miles Southeast of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, where an estimated 678 people were killed, marks a major turning point for the nearly year-long Oromo protests. The protests in Ethiopia have exposed the government’s brutality and repression through videos and […]

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Human Rights Watch Statement to the European Parliament

(HRW) — Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia: Need for Stronger EU Action October 12, 2016 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Committee on Development Subcommittee on Human Rights Joint Debate Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia: Need for Stronger EU Action October 12, 2016 Testimony of Felix Horne, Senior Ethiopia/Eritrea Researcher, Human Rights Watch Thank you for this opportunity to […]

Ethiopia: Investors rattled by unrest

By Taku Dzimwasha (African Business Magazine) — Foreign investor confidence in Ethiopia has been shaken following nearly a year of unrest, with the country’s government now admitting that as many as 500 people have died as a result of police crackdowns and a deadly stampede at a recent rally in the country’s Oromia region. Prime […]

Ethiopia using state of emergency to target opposition, says critic

(CBC) — On Oct. 8, the government declared a state of emergency after protests intensified in reaction to the government’s heavy-handed crackdown at an Oromo religious festival earlier this month. Government forces fired tear gas into the crowd gathered to celebrate. The Oromo people have been protesting for months, saying they are persecuted and marginalized by the government. The government says 52 people were […]

Haile Mariam Desalegn (HMD) Delivers an Emergency Decree under Duress

By Yusuf Mohamed I watched the poor HMD on YouTube blabbering an emergency decree he said is legislated by the parliament.   That is,  the “Ethiopian Parliament”, a parliament of castrated men and barren women, insensitive and unmoved by the wholesale slaughter of thousands of peaceful Oromo men, women and children. HMD looked like a mounted […]

Ethiopia’s proposed electoral reforms and limited amendments to environment, land, and labour laws unlikely to satisfy protesters

Source: IHS Jane’s 360 Key Points The proposals seek to offer a more representative electoral system and military institutions and will be spearheaded by the prime minister, but will face resistance from hardliners in the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition. Amhara and Oromo opposition protests will therefore continue over the next year, […]

#OromoRevolution, Oct 13, 2016

#OromoRevolution Galatoomaa naatoon Orumummaa daangaa hin qabdu!! “Uumanni oromoo boorana kan lammiin isaani Keeniyaa ta’e kaleessa bakka duulli na filadhaa geegefamutti deegarsa ummata Oromoo kan biyya Abbaa keennaa Oromiyaa irratti falmachaa du’a jirani qabnu tokkummaan argisiifna jechuudhaan mallatto diddaa kan Oromiyaa keessatti argisiifamaa jiru argisiisani jiran. Ummanni kun yeroo Miseensonni paarlaamaa fi County represents duula na […]

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