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Rights Activists in Ethiopia Report Obstacles at Every Turn

ADDIS ABABA (VOA News) — Ethiopian human rights activists, members of opposition parties and those working in the media say their freedom of movement has been severely limited since the government declared a state of emergency three weeks ago. Many are afraid to speak out while others had to stop working. Ethiopia’s government has insisted the […]

As Ethiopia heads toward crisis, Congress must act

By Annie Boyajian, contributor Washington, DC (The Hill) –When Congress adjourned in September, it had failed to vote on resolutions on Ethiopia (S.Res. 432/H.Res. 861). When it returns, it should pass them without delay. Ethiopia, an important security partner and ally, is heading for crisis. The country is suffering its worst unrest in years in […]

An American Ally…Where Listening to Voice of America Was Just Banned?

By Kimberly Curtis (UN Dispatch) — Nearly a year of protests against land reform issues and heavy-handed government policies is starting to take its toll on Ethiopia, who earlier this month announced a six-month state of emergency. Often hailed as a rising star and economic stronghold of Africa, the growing discontent highlights the limits of authoritarian development […]


Reimagining Global Social Movements in the Perspective of Egalitarian Democracy

By Asafa Jalata, PhD Abstract The analysis starts by offering a critique of the existing social movement literature and by suggesting the integration of critical theories of knowledge with theories and wisdom of indigenous peoples in order to develop an alternative knowledge of critical thinking and scholarship in social movement studies. It also proposes ideas […]

Ethiopia must answer in illegal spying case, digital rights group says

A (Africa Times) — U.S. citizen whose communications were monitored by Ethiopian agents from afar is appealing his case, on the grounds that Ethiopia must be accountable for illegal spying that relied on state-sponsored malware to infect his home computer. The Electric Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit focused on defending civil liberties and digital rights, […]


The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Rangeland Management in Yabello Woreda, Southern Oromia, Ethiopia

Dika Godana G*, Department of soil resource and watershed management, Gambella University, Ethiopia Source: Arts and Social Sciences Journal also in PDF Introduction Background and justification Complex pastoral management systems have evolved from the pastoralists’ successful adaptation under the harsh conditions of arid and semi-arid rangelands [1]. Similarly Blench [2] noted that, the existing pastoral systems […]

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