Archive | November 14, 2016

Exclusive: Al-Shabab moves in on central Somalia

As Somalia prepares for polls later this year al-Shabab quietly takes over towns left by withdrawing Ethiopian troops. Hamza Mohamed Mogadishu, Somalia – Somalia-based rebel group al-Shabab has been on the offensive in recent months retaking strings of towns in south and central Somalia. Since the start of this year the group which is linked […]

As Atrocity Crimes Rise in Oromia, Security Assistance and Aid Keep Flowing to Ethiopia

(Oromo Press) — In Oromia, Ethiopia, and in the Diasporas where significant numbers of Oromo people live, the first year anniversary of the Oromo mass uprising against the repressive policies of the Ethiopian regime is being observed worldwide this month. The anniversary is being observed with mixed feelings and outcomes: with jubilation that the Oromo […]

Slovak and Czech tourists robbed in Ethiopia

A group of six Slovak and four Czech tourists was attacked by armed robbers in western Ethiopia; driver killed. (The Slovak Spectator) — A group of six Slovak and four Czech tourists was attacked in Surma woreda near the town of Mizan on November 7. They were robbed of their credit cards, money and other […]

Ethiopia: Canada stresses need for ‘peaceful and inclusive dialogue’

(Africa News) — Canada has added its voice to calls for political reforms, peaceful and inclusive political dialogue in Ethiopia. The country also expressed ‘‘concerns over the deaths and violence arising from the recent unrest, particularly in the Oromia and Amhara regions.’ This position was contained in a statement released by the Canadian Department of […]

Oromo, Ogaden and Ethiopian Community leaders in South Africa

Press Release The Oromo, Ogaden and Ethiopian Community leaders held meeting on 10th of Nov, 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa. The meeting was attended by the vice-chairman of ONLF Dr. Mohamed Ismail and Mr Hassan Moalin head of ONLF information Bureau and members of OLF, Patriotic G7 and ONLF. The vice-chairman of ONLF briefed the […]

The Atlanta Leadership Convention: A blessing in disguise?

Information is slowly trickling out of the much hyped about Atlanta Leadership Convention, despite organizers’ plea not to record video and audio and the tight security to enforce the rule. We anticipate that they will release some kind of a resolution declaring the convention was very successful and that it laid a foundation for the […]

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