Archive | November 19, 2016

TPLF’s Mockery, Celebrating Nations and Nationalities Day

HRM (Harari Revival Movement) press release Since TPLF/EPRDF took power, it was trying to depict itself as a vanguard of nations and nationalities (ethnic groups) of Ethiopia. According to TPLF rhetoric, EPRDF is the first Ethiopian government that constitutionally assured the right of ethnic groups to preserve their culture and language, to record their history […]

Ethiopia’s crisis — Things fall apart: will the centre hold?

RENÉ LEFORT (Open Democracy) — Almost exactly a year ago, Ethiopia entered its worst crisis since the arrival of the regime in 1991. Last month, a state of emergency was proclaimed. These two events have generated a flood of commentary and analysis. A few key points, sometimes underplayed if not ignored, are worth closer attention. […]

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