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Ethiopia: Illicit capital flight much higher than estimates, says ex-intelligence officer

ESAT News (November 21, 2016) Illicit financial flows from Ethiopia could be much higher than those estimates by international financial institutions including the Global Financial Integrity, a former intelligence operative told ESAT. The revenue from the export of cash crops and other exports such as flower, coffee, honey, cattle, incense, among others, would just be […]


Zecharias Zelalem, Special to Addis Standard (Addis Standard) — An eternal slogan unapologetically shouted out loud with defiance and determination at rallies as much as it is mumbled at quiet prayers under one’s breath is a term Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur, loosely translated as “long live Ethiopia.” It is a statement that seemingly foretells Ethiopians’ love […]

The Oromo protests have changed Ethiopia

The struggle of the Oromo people has finally come to the attention of the global public conscience. By Awol Allo, Lecturer in Law at Keele University, UK. (Aljazeera) — November 12 marked the first anniversary of the Oromo Protests, a non-institutional and anti-authoritarian movement calling for an end to decades of systemic exclusion and subordination of […]

Atlas Seeks New Acquisitions in Africa After Ethiopia Exit

By David Herbling In Summary Atlas African Industries is divesting from TEAP Glass after Ethiopian authorities forcefully seized its $2.4 million (Sh240 million) following a tax dispute. Atlas now says they are in the market to acquire companies that are presently operating in the continent. Kenya (Daily Nation) –Troubled Atlas African Industries says it is seeking […]

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