Archive | November 30, 2016

Fadumo Dayib From Refugee to Presidential Candidate

(The African Way) — Fadumo Dayib is the first woman to set her sights on the Somali presidency. She is determined to stand up to a system that has for a long time put women on the side lines. After being forced to flee Kenya, her Somali born family moved to Finland as refugees. Only learning […]

Dr. Merera Gudina Detained for trespassing state of emergency rulings

It has been confirmed that Ethiopia security forces have detained leading opposition figure Prof. Merera Gudina, pictured center, upon his arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Acording to family members, Prof. Merera, chairman of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) is detained by members of SOE command post Prof. Merera was in Brussels delivered a […]

Gada system: indigenous democratic socio-political system of Oromo

The Gada is Complex, but it is Oromo democratic system – Inscribed in 2016 (11.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Film ‘Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo’ © UNESCO Oromo Gada system: indigenous democratic socio-political system Download Full Proposal Full Document in PDF (UNESCO) — Gada […]

One Year Anniversary of Oromo Protests Against Land Grabs

Trump, Ethiopia: Neither is Normal By Elizabeth Fraser (Oakland Institute) — In the weeks since Donald Trump was elected, many have focused on the need to not normalize the man, his words, or his actions.1 This call is vital. We cannot normalize having someone in the White House who has become the very face of bigotry, […]

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