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Zecharias Zelalem, Special to Addis Standard (Addis Standard) — An eternal slogan unapologetically shouted out loud with defiance and determination at rallies as much as it is mumbled at quiet prayers under one’s breath is a term Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur, loosely translated as “long live Ethiopia.” It is a statement that seemingly foretells Ethiopians’ love […]

The Oromo protests have changed Ethiopia

The struggle of the Oromo people has finally come to the attention of the global public conscience. By Awol Allo, Lecturer in Law at Keele University, UK. (Aljazeera) — November 12 marked the first anniversary of the Oromo Protests, a non-institutional and anti-authoritarian movement calling for an end to decades of systemic exclusion and subordination of […]

Atlas Seeks New Acquisitions in Africa After Ethiopia Exit

By David Herbling In Summary Atlas African Industries is divesting from TEAP Glass after Ethiopian authorities forcefully seized its $2.4 million (Sh240 million) following a tax dispute. Atlas now says they are in the market to acquire companies that are presently operating in the continent. Kenya (Daily Nation) –Troubled Atlas African Industries says it is seeking […]

War of words between AG7 (ESAT) and leaders of #AmharaResistance

By Seifu Adem AG7 and ESAT have been waging a fierce battle for the last few weeks and months. Their fight was not against woyanne; it was against groups or individuals who question their legitimacy, especially leaders and activists of #AmharaResistance. The main reasons of the war (of words) between AG7 (ESAT) and leaders and […]

HRLHA press release

HRLHA: State of Emergencey as Systematic State Repression in Ethiopia

HRLHA  Press Release The  March 2014 Oromo student protests, which began at Jima University and spread quickly to Ambo University then in a few days to all universities, colleges, high schools and elementary schools in Oromia and continued for two months, captured the attention of the world community for the first time.  In those two […]

Ethiopian soldiers killed bomb attack near Kismayo

(Shabelle News) — At least three Ethiopian soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have been killed in a bomb attack occurred near Kismayo city in southern Somalia on Saturday. According to local sources,  the AMISOM soldiers were killed after their military convoy came under a remotely detonated land mine attack at […]

The future of Oromia doesn’t depend on what VISION Ethiopia groups think

By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee Just off west of Assosaa’s tip, two cultures collide. One is mine, and the other belongs to the Nu’eer or to the Anyuwaak people.  Now, go onto Wambara, turn south east and cross to Leeqaa, Guduruu, Gindabarat, Jalduu, and then back north to Jaarssoo, Garbba-Guraacha and continue northwards all the way […]

TPLF’s Mockery, Celebrating Nations and Nationalities Day

HRM (Harari Revival Movement) press release Since TPLF/EPRDF took power, it was trying to depict itself as a vanguard of nations and nationalities (ethnic groups) of Ethiopia. According to TPLF rhetoric, EPRDF is the first Ethiopian government that constitutionally assured the right of ethnic groups to preserve their culture and language, to record their history […]

Ethiopia’s crisis — Things fall apart: will the centre hold?

RENÉ LEFORT (Open Democracy) — Almost exactly a year ago, Ethiopia entered its worst crisis since the arrival of the regime in 1991. Last month, a state of emergency was proclaimed. These two events have generated a flood of commentary and analysis. A few key points, sometimes underplayed if not ignored, are worth closer attention. […]

The miscarriage of “Oromo Leadership Convention” in Atlanta (Revised)

By Abbaa Ormaa All is not lost for the Atlanta Oromo Leadership Convention. Regardless of whether it is a success or a failure, depending on where one stands on the Oromo political spectrum, it is yet more evidence that the Oromo struggle for justice and fairness has entered a new and final phase.  The author […]

Trump’s World: The new nationalism

With his call to put “America First”, Donald Trump is the latest recruit to a dangerous nationalism (The Economist) — WHEN Donald Trump vowed to “Make America Great Again!” he was echoing the campaign of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Back then voters sought renewal after the failures of the Carter presidency. This month they elected […]

‘Anything that flies is an enemy’: Filming al-Shabab with a drone

Al Jazeera’s Hamza Mohamed wanted to film al-Shabab fighters in their training camp using a drone – it was a risky and delicate move. by Hamza Mohamed (Aljazeera) — Hamza Mohamed is a producer for Doha, Qatar-based Al Jazeera English, covering Sub-Saharan Africa. “Anything that flies that’s not a bird, we consider it an enemy.” […]

Rights group blasts Ethiopia journalist arrests

Addis Ababa (AFP) – Campaigners on Thursday accused Ethiopia of an “intensifying crackdown” on the media, with at least three journalists and bloggers arrested or sentenced under a state of emergency since October. “In recent weeks, Ethiopian authorities have jailed a newspaper editor, as well as two members of the award-winning Zone 9 bloggers’ collective, […]

Ethiopia’s internet crackdown hurts everyone

(IRIN News) — Ethiopia has never been an easy place to operate. But a six-month state of emergency, combined with internet and travel restrictions imposed in response to a wave of anti-government protests, means it just got a whole lot harder. The government has targeted the mobile data connections that the majority of Ethiopians use […]


by Elella Daba (Siiqee Chronicles) — This conversation was recorded during a preliminary meeting between Aaddee Kuwee Kumsa, Ayantu Ayana and I. We recorded our conversation in order to prepare and reflect on the issues we would like to address in the Oromo community both at home and abroad, based on our experiences and perspectives. […]

Ethiopia’s crackdown has seen 11,000 people arrested

(The World Weekly) — Officials in Ethiopia have announced that some 11,607 people have been arrested since a state of emergency was declared in the country early last month. This is the government’s response to the civil unrest which has gone on for the best part of a year now. Oromo people, who live all […]

Ethiopian newspaper editor, bloggers caught in worsening crackdown

Nairobi, November 17, 2016 (CPJ) –Ethiopia should immediately release all journalists detained amid an intensifying crackdown on the media, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. In recent weeks, Ethiopian authorities have jailed a newspaper editor, as well as two members of the award-winning Zone 9 bloggers’ collective, which has faced continuous legal harassment on […]

Urgent Alert: Cholera and Draught devastating the Somalis in Ogaden

Ogaden News Agency (ONA) ONLF Press Release The Deyr rains have failed in Ogaden and food stocks are dwindling very fast and livestock is starting to die in many parts of the Ogaden. This is further exacerbated by the undeclared food and aid embargo in Ogaden. ONLF has received credible reports that the Ethiopian army […]

A Year On Since the Oromo Resistance Began:- A Wake Up Call for All Peoples of Ethiopia

By Denboba Natie, November 17, 2016   A new wave of Oromo national resistance struggle begun in November 2015. It has dramatically changed the political landscape of Ethiopia. The nation remains heroically resisting the current brutal regime since it has assumed power in June 1991. However, the current wave of unified and purposeful movement of […]

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