Archive | December 3, 2016

Ethiopia dispatches 86 spy agents to North America and Europe

Spy agents dispatched to North America and Europe Via #MinilikSalsawi Ethiopia: 86 Woyane spy agents, who recently received security training in Britain and Israel, have been dispatched to North America and Europe to create confusion and disturbances among Ethiopian Diaspora communities. The spy agents will attend Diaspora getting together activities, including churches and mosques, camouflaging […]

Ethiopia partially restores mobile internet after 2 month shutdown

Mobile internet partially restored after 2 month shutdown in some parts of Ethiopia (African News) — Ethiopia has restored mobile internet services after the service was blocked over two months. The blockage was connected with anti-government protests that broke out largely in the Amhara and Oromia regions. Local portals reported that mobile service was restored […]

Ethiopia’s Economic Growth Hits Record Low

After years of accolades for its success, Ethiopia’s economic growth is slowing down recording just about 8% in the 2015/2016 fiscal year. (Africanews)―For the first time in decades, Ethiopia’s economy has recorded its slowest growth. According to the BBC, Ethiopia’s economic growth slowed to 8% in the 2015/2016 fiscal year. Ethiopia’s planning commission says that […]

Oromia nation

I think it is too late – Patience running out in Oromia

I think it is too late – Patience running out in Oromia By Habte Dafa Often it remains unwavering commitments to uphold the solid principles of Democracy, and a faithful trust in our government to maintain our best interest as a Nation, while sustaining the endearing leadership for the rest of the World. United States […]

Discontent grows louder in Ethiopia as regime fights for survival

Arrest of opposition leader Merera Gudina follows months of anti-government protests Angered by the arrest of Merera Gudina, his party leader, hours earlier for allegedly “making contact with terrorist groups”, a senior figure in Ethiopia’s opposition said he was willing to commit a crime under the country’s strict state of emergency laws by criticising the […]

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