Archive | December 22, 2016

Vision Ethiopia vs. Vision Oromia: Good for Who?

Vision Ethiopia vs. Vision Oromia: Good for Who? By Rundassa Eshete Hunde Anyone who can explain what is the underlying concerns of the Oromo and other colonized people in empire Ethiopia can recommend the best solution for the political and economic dilemmas that our people are facing today.   In order to figure this underlying concerns, […]

Yadessa Bojia: “Where There is Pain There is a Loud Noise”

YADESSA BOJIA: ON ART AND ACTIVISM -“WHERE THERE IS PAIN THERE IS A LOUD NOISE” (kichuu) — Yadessa Bojia is a Seattle based Graphic Designer, Fine Arts painter and the Designer of the African Union (AU) Flag. Describing himself as a husband, parent and a brother, Yadessa uses his art as a “tool to create […]

Ethnic tensions in Gondar reflect the toxic nature of Ethiopian politics

From uneven development to authoritarian government, the morass of issues facing the city of Gondar offer a snapshot of Ethiopia’s wider problems (The Guardian) — In Gondar, a city in Ethiopia’s northern highlands, a lone tourist pauses to take a photo of a fortress built more than two centuries ago. Nearby, past a row of […]

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