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Black Africans – Are Afro-Arabs More Racist Than Whites?

Black Africans – Are Afro-Arabs More Racist Than Whites? BY FREDRICK NGUGI As Black Africans in the Western world contend with everyday racial discrimination and abuse, their lookalikes in some parts of Africa suffer the same kind of malevolence in the hands of fellow Africans. (Face 2 Face Africa) — Often times we hear of […]


Ethiopia spends $1.8 million for lobbying only on one firm

Ethiopia spends $1.8 million, a year, for lobbying on one of firms it retains.  (kichuu) – Ethiopia has hired SGR LLC Government Relations and Lobbying firm to lobby on behalf of the Ethiopian government to U.S. policy makers, congress, the media and business leaders. According to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) database seen by, Ethiopian […]

Maasai Fighting for Compensation their Iconic Cultural Brand

Maasai Fighting for Compensation from Fashion Labels Who’ve Appropriated Their Iconic Cultural Brand (Atlanta Black Star) — The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania embody one of the most powerful images of tribal Africa, but it’s a guise that’s becoming increasingly imitated. Companies around the world have, for some time now, continued to exploit the Maasai’s […]

Blue skies over Somalia after election of a new president

The election of Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo as Somalia’s president has inspired optimism for the future of Somalia. By Abukar Arman Abukar Arman is a Somali political analyst, writer and former diplomat. (Aljazeera) — The stage seemed set for a ceremonial rubber-stamping of the status quo. Some of the new parliamentarians, many of who came through […]

FROM PLENTY TO POVERTY: ‘Garaacha Uffachuu?’ in Oromo Culture

FROM PLENTY TO POVERTY: Fayyeeraa N. Sobbooqsaa: Do You Know an Oromo Culture – ‘Garaacha Uffachuu?’: “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and Apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.” ~ Nelson Mandela By Fayyeeraa N. Sobbooqsaa “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and Apartheid, it […]

Africa: CIA Blocks Trump’s Africa Policy Pick – What Now?

Africa: CIA Blocks Trump’s Africa Policy Pick – What Now? By Reed Kramer and Tami Hultman Washington, DC (All Africa) — Africa policy in the Trump White House has become more difficult to predict following reports that the senior director for Africa on the National Security Council is out. Citing two sources “with direct knowledge”, […]

Final Thoughts on the Atlanta Oromo Leadership Convention

This is our third and final piece regarding the Oromo Leadership Convention (OLC) that was held in Atlanta, GA, November 11-13, 2016. Our first article was written prior to the commencement of the OLC under the title “Questioning the Motives of the Atlanta Leadership Convention” and it addressed fundamental questions regarding the identity of the […]

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