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Living History in Ethiopia – Gondar, Axum, Mursi people

Living History in Ethiopia By Don Mankin, The Adventure Geezer writes about adventure travel for boomers and seniors Source: Huffington Post The chanting of the two boys sitting under the tree reminded me of my Bar Mitzvah class over 60 years ago. The language was different – Amharic, not Hebrew – as was the religion […]

National Day of Commemoration in Memory of Civilians Massacred in Ogaden

National Commemoration Day: Ogaden Communities and OYSU around the world Held Commemoration for Ogaden National Memorial day Civilians Massacred in Ogaden (Ogaden News Agency) — The Ogaden Somali Communities around the world commemorated the Ogaden National Memorial Day in remembrance of the Ogaden Somalis massacred by the Ethiopian government in Ogaden. The Attrocities and heinous […]

Borana Culture: marginalized voices of indigenous culture, values and identity

For more read Borana Borana Culture: Including the marginalized voices of our indigenous culture, values and identity in Curriculum reform in Kenya. Borana women make a living by promoting of their culture to tourists: A group of women from the Borana community in Kinna ward,Isiolo are making a living through promotion of their culture to […]

Ethiopia in Crisis Summit: Agenda for a Way to ‘True’ Democracy

Speakers present analytical thoughts on Ethiopia at Ethiopia in Crisis Summit Stanford University – Venue for Change On Saturday afternoon, January 21, in Jordan Hall at Stanford University, two keynote speakers addressed an important topic affecting the African continent and a good part of the rest of the planet: Political Transition in Ethiopia. Responding to […]

EU urged to end cooperation with Sudan after refugees whipped and deported

EU urged to end cooperation with Sudan after refugees whipped and deported MEP calls for inquiry as Ethiopian and Eritrean asylum seekers receive 40 lashes and $800 fines, while activists warn EU migration aid is emboldening Sudan. Most of those arrested were Oromo people fleeing ethnic and political repression. The EU is facing calls to […]

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