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60% were found to be Ethiopians while trying to enter EU claiming they are Eritreans or Somalis.

07 July 2016 – The European Union (EU), through its EU Trust Fund, has made a commitment of 100 million Euros to curb the flow of migrants fleeing Ethiopia by mitigating pushing factors through the creation of jobs for would-be migrants.

Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht, head of EU to Ethiopia said, “Improving the livelihood of farmers in drought-affected areas, including central and northern Ethiopia, and create more jobs.”

Individual European countries have also pledged aid to Ethiopia. The European agreement was signed just a month after Italy endorsed 2.3 million dollars to Ethiopia for a similar programme.

Italy is one of Europe’s top receivers of asylum applications by Ethiopians with 95pc of the 6,350 that irregularly migrated to Europe in 2015. Official reports of Italian authorities also indicated that of the 3,500 immigrants registered last year up to

The initiative funded by the Italian Development Cooperation came about after a collaborative screening to identify beneficiary weredas by UN agencies and the Government of Ethiopia. As such, the initiative targets around 80,000 direct and over half a million indirect beneficiaries across selected weredas in Amhara, Oromia and Tigray states. A recent study focusing on the status of returnees of irregular migration to Ethiopia showed that 22pc of the total 160,000 people are from Tigray State.

On June 14, President Juncker and Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, signed a strategic engagement agreement on a range of issues, including regional peace and security, counter-terrorism, social and economic development, climate change and migration.

Between 2014 and 2020, the EU under the National Indicative Programme (NIP), plans to provide an initial 745 million Euros to support government-led projects. EU funding makes up around 34pc of the total aid assistance Ethiopia received in the past two years.

In 2015, with nearly 300 companies from EU operating in Ethiopia, the trade volume stood at three billion Euros. The EU market absorbed approximately 33.6pc of the Ethiopian total exports, whereas 19.5pc of imports to Ethiopia came from Europe. The EU-Ethiopian relationship dates back to 1975 at which time an EU Delegation office in Addis during the Dergue’s regime.

2 thoughts on “22% of the 160,000 Ethiopian Refugees are from Tigray State – EU

  1. The question to be asked here about this article and the European govs’ strategy to manage African immigrants’ issue is:
    why Africans in general and the Ethiopians and then the Oromos in particular are immigrating in large numbers from a long time up to now.
    Are really economic problem/poverty, genuine and true democracy and good governance driving people out of their homeland, Qe’e, Biyya? How about Poverty, lack of education?
    The Western governments seem to be generous and are pouring billions of dollars for years. Why that money did not or does not show a difference, change the pattern of human tragedies facing our fellow Africans? I think it is not only the poor that is immigrating from their country. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF A COUNTRY BY ITSELF DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN IT SOLVES PEOPLES’ fundamental problems unless they have the right and control over it as well as share the benefits of development equally.
    The Bottom line, Europe and North America seem compromising their spoken and written values vis-a-vis human life, justice, democracy, people-Centered development. They continue financing regimes which massacre their people, those which expand jails and torture their citizens. The west is guilty in many ways as they are re-enforcing human misery.
    I, as an Oromo, can confidently argue that thousands of Oromos leave their country, Oromia, and perish in deserts, seas, become subjects of Abuse not because of economic reasons or lack of development as such. It is, the core reason, because of the politics and governance that Invaded them and deprived them the basic and fundamental natural and human rights to live in peace with justice. Oromos of the Horn of Africa value and practice human dignity due to their Gada Sociopolitical culture. They prefer to be poor and free rather than going to live in Foreign countries. But they are deprived the right to live in peace and Harmony with others in their country where political accommodation hardly exists in Ethiopia, worst of all, since the last quarter of a century.
    Therefore, let these generous European powers think big to realize that their money should have made a difference long ago instead of continuing to help increase the misery of Africans. Helping dictators-authoritarian regimes only contributes to the remoteness of lasting solution.
    Immigration problem cannot be solved by economics alone but by changing the rule of law, promoting respect for human rights, building genuinely democratic institutions by the people for the people.

  2. Hellow, it is not only 22%, it is arround 90% according to the official information. These tigres are well trained in Shire, near Mekkele by TPLF and sent to Europe as refugees, they are trained spies and the other mission is to smuggle out mone from Ethiopia. These refugees are building companies in Europe, specially in Sweden they are involved in taxi business, home service, oldage care and buying properties with the money from Ethiopia. These 90% are applying as refugees as if they are Eritreans. Eritreans are eligible for refugee status in Europe. Now the European Governments are demanding the Eritreans birth place certificate since the tigres (agames) and Eritreans (hamasen) speak tigrigna.

    Ethiopians must inform all respective authorities in Europe these who call themselves Eritreans are tigres from Ethiopia and sents by the tplf regime from Ethiopia.

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