NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. “We believe that among the thousands of Eritrean migrants in Europe, 30 – 40 percent are Ethiopians,” Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Melan
NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. “We believe that among the thousands of Eritrean migrants in Europe, 30 – 40 percent are Ethiopians,” Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Melan

(TesfaNews) — Austrian ambassador in Ethiopia, Andreas Melan, in an interview with APA explained that as thousands of Ethiopians continue to illegally migrate to Saudi Arabia and South Africa, those who fled to Europe usually claim they are from Eritrea as that have better chance of recognition for asylum.

The “mass exodus” of Ethiopians that no one speaks about attracts about 100,000 Ethiopians annually Eastwards, said Ambassador Melan. The official figures of course not known as Ethiopians mostly migrate illegally as legal migration has been prohibited by the government.

“As Ethiopians, the only chance to get asylum in Europe is for opposition politician or a homosexual or any one who can demonstrate persecution,” said Ambassador Melan. “Critical journalists also often flee the country.”

Ambassador Melan went on to say that, the Eritrean Community in Austria is very small while traditionally the number of asylum applications from Eritrea in Switzerland are relatively high.

However, “We believe that among the thousands of Eritrean migrants in Europe, 30 to 40 percent are Ethiopians,” said the ambassador.

The 2013 and 2014 European migration statistics Eurostat also confirms Ambassador Melan’s assertion.  Among the top countries of origin for asylum seekers, Ethiopia is not listed even among the top 20 origins as the thousands of its illegal migrants already claimed they are from Eritrea. For such simple fact and error, Eritrea has been singled out as the second most refugee producing country next to Syria.

But Ethiopia is also the destination country of many people from the region. At present, the East African country is home to a population of over 94 million people on top of around 750,000 refugees from Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia.

However, Ethiopia itself is one of the poorest countries in the world – 30 percent of the population live on less than one dollar a day – and many of its citizens often have no prospects in their homeland, and for that many of them leave their homes.

In 2013, only 20 Ethiopians and 59 Eritreans have applied for asylum in Austria. In 2014, Ethiopia was counted not even among the 15 most countries of origin as they all start registering as Eritreans up on arrival.

In addition to Europe and the Middle East, the route to South Africa is so popular among Ethiopian immigrants. This, however, is the least explored, so Maria Temesvari of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Addis Ababa said it is the least explored route by Ethiopians so far.

No matter in which direction, the Ethiopian government wants its citizens to migrate legaly and for that itintroduced a front against traffickers to curb illegal migration. In July, legislation was passed that will penalizes.

“This goes back to the death penalty,” said Temesvari.

12 thoughts on “40 Percent of Eritrean Migrants in Europe are Ethiopians: Austrian Ambassador

  1. 40% ?
    Really ?

    Austria has never been a mathematical genius, but instead it was and is still a notorious anti-semite, xenophobe and fanatically racist country.

    Despite all those heartbreaking reports by Amnesty International and other human rights defender organizations, this Nazi faggot calling himself a ‘diplomat’ is so delighted with the suffering of our people and the rest nationalities at the hands of TPLF fascists in the dilapidating Ethiopian empire.

    By the way, has any one seen on mass media, Oromo diaspora protesting in Austria during the Oromian students massacre by the TPLF regime in 2014?
    Or, has any one watched Oromians celebrating the Irrecha thanks giving festival in Austria?
    Self-evidently, the answer is a big NO!

    Geographically and politically Austria is part the Western world, but not so in humanism and in the civilized international relations. It’s a damn primitive country in this regard.

    Diaspora Oromian communities in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Britain, Holland, USA, Canada, etc. went massively on the streets to demonstrate against the fascist TPLF’s genocidal killing spree on that occasion. But not in Austria!
    Because, there is no Oromian community in Austria at all. Exiled Oromians, almost exclusively, stay for a while in that schizophrenic country just to use it as a transit station in order to travel further to the “really Western nations”.

    Indeed, Austria is a de facto NO MAN’S LAND in terms of respect for the civilized universal human rights. No doubt, it’s the most hostile country to aliens in the Western world.

    REASON: Traditional historical backgrounds.

    It was there in Austria, where the diabolic ideology of the extermination of the Jewish people and holocaust was initiated for the first time in history, more precisely in Vienna. Adolph Hitler grew up learning the ABC of antisemitism and the preparative plans to totally wipe out the Jewry from the face of Europe.
    Later on, he exported that barbaric ideology and applied it in practice after he came to power in Germany in 1933 through his Nazi party. Following that, Prime Minister Adolph Hitler came back to Vienna, the capital of his native country Austria, in 1938, this time escorted by his Nazi army and the whole Gestapo death squadrons to do with the Jewish people, what Nafxanya Menelik did to Oromos in Finfinnee at the end of the 19th century.

    That is:
    The historical crime of total ethnic cleansing.

      1. Don’t panic!

        End of 19th and beginning of 20th century, Nazi naftagna Menelik carried out a savage ethnic cleansing crime on tens of thousands of Oromo people in Finfinne.

        1. Your very funny why you bring Oromo into this, the article is not about oromo. Leave Oromo affair to Oromos I know what your trying to do is to divert the attention from what is being discussed here. The game people like your playing will not work and we can see through you.

  2. Based on the concept that “Birds of the same feather, flock together” Austria wants to defend the TPLF dictatorial regime in Ethiopia as a “democrat” one. What a joke!

    Here is what we know about Austria so far?

    1. Austria is not the vast continental country Australia. Many people confuse it with the small, insignificant, middle European and racially bigoted country.
    2. Hitler was born in Austria and was raised there till his adult age of 24 years old. He emigrated then to Germany where he joined the army, battling through the 1st World Ware.
    3. He became a German citizen just one year before he became a prime minister in 1933.
    4. Sixteen years ago (In 1999) Austria attempted miserably to promote a notorious modern Neo-Nazi leader known as Jorg Haider to the post of Prime minister. Thereof, the European Union furiously threatened to impose punitive sanctions on Austria. Under the EU pressure, Haider was forced to renounce his ambition to become a prime minister and so vacating the post for another less evil man called W. Schussel.
    5. Austria is not only an anti-Semitic, but it is also an anti-African country.

    1. 6. In spring 1938, on Hitler’s arrival in his fatherland’s capital Vienna the ecstatically jobiliant population welcomed him with flowers.
      250 000 Viennese powered down to the streets to receive warmly the tyrant Master of the Third Reich.
      On this same day the mob got on ravage savagerely slaughtering their own Austrian Jewish fellow citizens wherever they saw them, while at the same time scrambling to loot the private and communal properties of the wealthy ones.
      Tens of thousands of Jews were forced to flee for their lives. The rest were deported to Nazi concentration camps or murdered cold bloodly on the spot. From the total 200 000 Jewish population in Vienna and more in the provinces, 65000 people were slaughtered on the streets, at work places or in their private residential homes or in different concentration camps, including Auswitsch and Birkenau.

      7. In a year around 1942, there isn’t one single Jew soul is left in Vienna. In the end the viennese city population celebrated enthosiastically a « Jewish free Vienna day » in presence of Adolph himself. Vienna became a ‘JEWISH FREE CAPITAL CITY’.

      8. Under the rule of Hitler’s Third Reich, the Austrian population was only 6% of Austria and Germany combined. But, the ratio of Austrian Nazi military commanders at the concentration camps was 14%. It means, that Austrians were extremely active in the Jewish extermination industries.

      9. Unlike Ethiopia’s Woyane robbers, the Austro-israelites accumulated a surplus wealth not by using guns, but instead, by working hard in an honestly way. Before the Holocaust, the less than 1% super inteligent Jews controlled the vast majority of Austria’s biggest banks, real estates, industries and huge commercial centers all over the country, particularies in the big cities and towns. After the genocide, both the Austrian government and the normal civilians confiscated all the private and corporate properties and businnes entreprises, including superb residential villas.
      A research study work published in 2001 by two Austrian jewish descedants reports that more than 45000 well documented private or government or public buildings formely belonging to the Jews are now in the hands of Austrian robbers or their new generation.

      One of the authors, Stephen Tempel, said :
      “The Austrians looted Jewish property, before the government had even set the rules. They did in six months what the Germans didn’t do in six years” .

      10. Austrians still believe that they were wayward better off, under the Nazi regime, than any time in their history. Of course, they lived lavish lives at the expense of their own fellow Jewish citizens. Ironically it’s similar to Ethio-Woyane’s double digit economic growth, while Oromos in Hararge, Bale, Arsi and East Showa are starving to death.

      11. The big majority Austrians think that, the only wrong thing with their Nazi Adolph Hitler was that ‘he made made wars with other countries’. Otherwise, everything what he did was OK !
      If chance be, that Hitler resurrects, they would overwelmingly voted for him to the office of a prime minister again.

      12. Even today, in terms of nostalgie and loyalty to the old Nazi ideology and practice, the Austrians are murch more fanatical sympathizers than the big Germany itself. A few years ago a certain reknowned American comedian and TV moderator who lived both in Germany and Austria said the following:
      « Germans were Nazis, Austrians ‘are’ Nazis ».

      13. Austria’s capital city is a magnetic attraction for European far right radical politicians and all bunches of Neo-Nazi militants or sympathizers. Not only secretely, but also publicly they go there every year to show-off under the pretext of celebrating the « Vienna ball » festivity.
      In summury : Vienna is the citadel of European xenophobic extremists.

      14. As it’s already highleighted under No-4 here above, in modern times, Austria is the first European country to vote an extremist Neo-Nazi politician for the post of government prime minister since the end of the Second World War.

      Conclusion :
      It’s an imperative duty to tell the shameless Austrian « diplomat » to shutup his stinky mouth. He is squarely a spiteful carrot-colored hog.
      Given his country’s poor human rights records, an Austrian national is not competent to judge or portray Woyane’s Ethiopia as a DEMOCRATICE COUNTRY.

      Austria lacks the necessary moral authority to give such a verdict.

  3. @Austria is not a sanctuary, either,

    Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Melan, said, “We believe that among the thousands of Eritrean migrants in Europe, 30 – 40 percent are Ethiopians.”

    With all due respect, what has the above ambassador’s saying got to do with “Nafxanya Menelik genocide” you are talking about?

    Can you please stay away from victim mind-set and move on to a creative mind-set? It sounds you are fixated to the assignment/homework given to you 24 years ago to indirectly serve woyanes/TPLF purpose. If I were you, I will stay on topic.

    It is time to stop flavoring our write ups with woyanes/TPLF hate-filled phrases and words. It is time to use our own original hate-free phrases. Also, it is time to stop being used as tools by others for their own hidden agenda and interest.

    1. Dear Mr. Mario,

      Yes, the article is about Ethiopia and the former Ethiopian province Eritrea.
      It is also essential to bear in mind, however, that Oromos are in Ethiopia too. They were incorporated by a genocidal means (force) into the Abyssinian Empire; not on the basis of mutual agreement.
      Nazi nafxanya Menelik came from Ankober, North Showa to massacre Oromos and the rest people of the South in their villages and homes, using the times modern deadly European killing machines unknown before in the region. By no means, the gruesome massacre was unreasonable and morally unjust.
      We Oromos of this generation and the future ones shall always remember and honor the memories of our exterminated innocent forefathers and foremothers. It’s our moral duty.

      Mr. Mario;
      Your sympathy for Nazi Nafxanya Menelik is understandable, but not necessarily reasonable.
      My comment was not, in no way, to instigate hate among today’s peaceful Oromo and Amara communities living in harmony and mutual respect. The today’s new generation are not responsible for the genocidal crimes committed against the Oromo people by their forefathers of that time. However, if they deliberately and obstinately deny the horrible crimes committed by the ruthless, cruel gun-man Menelik on Oromos and the rest people in the South, then it means there is a probability that they can repeat the same genocide, today, if they get the chance to do so.

      I hope this note shall help you to come to your intellectual sense.

      There is nothing wrong to honor the memories of our past Oromo generation martyrs.

  4. @Austria is not a sanctuary, either,

    You and me need not fight on a system and person that were dead and buried more than a century ago. What you said is already common knowledge, fiction or fact. All we need to do is learn from past wrong doings and fix our future. That, I think is the most burning issue in hand.

    Having said this, I want you to educate us who the “genocidal Menilik” is by ethnicity and blood. Because, I almost always read anything to do with past rulers is lumped to Amharas, which is of course a fabrication. As far as I know, not a single “pure” Amhara ruled over Ethiopia. Just pause for a couple of minutes and think about it. The only reason why Amharas and others admire Menilik II was/is for his massive contribution on Ethio-Italian war. The people who deny that are the Agames, misguided Oromos and others. Agames hate to see Menilik II being a unifying factor, as this is diametrically opposite to what they stand/advocate for. Misguided Oromos deny everything that was Oromo contribution during past governments. Mind you, this was when there was no Ethiopia without Oromos. They call Oromo heroes and heroines traitors. That is the most disgraceful and shameful part of the deniers.

    I wish all this denial was/is the original idea/thought of Oromos. Unfortunately, what is being regurgitated these days is what was shoved down the throat of most gullible Oromos by Shabia and woyanes. Letting Oromos parrot this deception endlessly is one strategy of woyanes/TPLF to keep their divide and conquer policy alive as long as it takes. Fortunately, as time goes by, that is becoming clearer to our peoples more than any time and it will be time soon to say NO THANK YOU.

    Talking of reconciliation, Ethiopians are ready more than any time for this noble deed. As far as I remember, Dr. Beyene Petros is one person in woyanes/TPLF fake parliament who was vocal about it. The only people who refused to that noble idea are the rulers in the current regime. Meles Zenawi said over my dead body. I hope you understand why he and his followers said no to that too.

    Again, my advice to you is: Cleanse yourself from victim mind-set and please move on to a creative mind-set. Is this not the first sign for the reconciliation you are calling for?

    Last, but not least, please stay on topic. I see you changed your “pen-name” too. Is it because you are one of those cyber cadres let lose by woyanes/TPLF to misinform, distort, deceive, misguide and distract readers here and elsewhere? Those guys keep on changing their “pen-names” hoping they are concealed. The truth is, readers know who is who from the very content of their write ups.

  5. During the battle of Adwa against Italian army, the coward Menelik had nothing to do other than hiding, curling up and trembling in fear in a church monastery there. He was not at the war front. Never!
    It is the Oromo horse rider brave fighters that did the deadly shocking blow to the Italiens first. Once the Italian army front line regiment was put down to dust by ferocious Oromo fighters and the enemy was forced to run away in panic and disarray, the rest Habesha fighters came next into operation. In reality, the fearless Oromos were on the first front line at the battle of Adwa. Not the spineless cowardly Habeshas!
    Ironically, after the Italians were defeated at the hands of the brave Oromos, it was the coward Menelik that was eulogized as a hero.

    Ah, dishonest Habesha liars.

  6. @Austria is not a sanctuary, either,

    There we go again. It is all denial, trashing and bashing each other, right? Though it is over-exaggerated, one thing I agree with you is what you said about Oromos contribution in the Ethiopian empire. Do you really need to trash and bash others contribution to just let us know about Oromos’ contribution?

    Here is a question for you. Just like you, Tigrayans addicted to fabrication and distortion claim that the rest of Ethiopians have nothing to do with the battle of Adwa and the victory gained. The land the war was fought is ours and the fighters who annihilated Italians are Tigrayans. Period. Agree or disagree? If you agree, you must be one of them. If you disagree, may be you are one of those who are telling about things as they were. If you are neutral, you must be one of those clueless individuals who parrot and curse day in and day out.

    I have this gut feeling that you are out there to cause confusion within readers and distract many of us who are in favor of coming together and bring change in Ethiopia. By your divisive language, you want Oromos to fight Amharas on Adwa and vice versa and perpetuate woyanes/TPLF rule over Ethiopians. Don’t you think this is a little too late or outdated? Too bad, people are now thinking differently.

    Your above comment sounds like from a reporter who was at the site of the battle of Adwa forwarding breaking news. If you know that much about Menilik’s cowardice act, can you please also educate us about his ethnic composition? If you don’t know, do your research and share with us. Knowing that may limit your unnecessary denigration of individuals who did noble jobs and passed away long time ago.

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