#BREAKING_NEWS: TPLF has sunk to a new low. They severely beat and arrested singer Falmata Rorroo in Dirre Dhawaa. As many of you know Falmta is blind and critically ill for months. Yet this did not prevent Agazi soldiers from knocking down his door, beating him so severely that they had to carry him to their truck as he passed out. Beating and arresting a blind and sick man is new low even for TPLF. Although Falamta is known for his mesmerizing resistance songs, he doesn’t sing any more as his health and living condition do not permit him. Via Naf-tanan Gaadullo


5 thoughts on “A blind Oromo singer beaten and arrested in Ethiopia

  1. TPLF/EPRDF soldiers and their leaders are less than animals and they do not have brains. They only care for their stomachs and money and they totally lost their humanity. They even do not tolerate blind men like our revolutionary artist like Falmataa Roorroo.

    The Oromo people must be determined to get rid off these beasts.

  2. this the Ethiopia act.
    this the Ethiopia arrest biland people.
    this the country Amhara like
    this is the country world is appreciated in democracy.
    as Ethiopian how do you feel when you arrest and torture blind man.?
    this is the Ethiopia you like?
    why we don’t say the truth?
    this. is really catestrophy from God.
    we need someone feel and sense.
    what is the solution for this innocent people dying without reasons?

  3. Ji’uma kana kessa waanta hedduttu adeemaa ture-haga xiyyaara “hijack” gochu. Akkuma Falmata qabani reeban kana naannoo Amaraa kesattis waanti sukkaneessa adeema ture-hidhata sabaan Amaara ta’e itti marsani qabuf jennaan lubbu isaa dabarse. Motummaan gara jabeenya hamaa kessa jira. Bakka hundatti lolaa jira-“phase” isaa dhumaati kessa waan jiruf-“reverse” gochuf adeema. Bineensi madaa’e hameenyaan isaa jabaadha. Kanaaf, hundu waanti motummaan ganda/naannoo tokkotti hojjatu kaan qalbiin duuka bu’a qaba. Kan qabufi kan dhiisu walaaleera. Ummatni keenya kan biyya ambaa jiru waanuma “Atlanta” irratti adeemaa ture dudubata. Inni dhaabachu qaba. Sabooti biraa garu motummaa walin kufufi kuffisu kessa jiru. Kan darbe irraa “lesson” fudhachaa qalbin ummataa gara waanta biyya kessatti adeemaa jiru irratti fullefachu qaba. Ammalle madaalu “evaluate” gochu kan qabnu waanta irratti hojjatame firii isaa argu qabnu kessaa-tokko gargaarsa motumooti TPLF godhaa turan dhaabachu isaa.

  4. The world is disregarding the worst situsation of the Oromo people when the evil terrorist TPLF government is indiscriminately killing /torturing/burning human being alive/looting/rapping and so on…
    It is unbelievable that theIr evil actions are also extended to disabled, blind and sick Oromos.
    I hope all Oromos will wake up against these evils by throwing all resources behind WBO&QEERRANOOS. That is the only solution available and we have to stop the foolish regional politics to build the strength of the people.

  5. Please guys, are you okay? don’t disrespect our artist or even disabled human being , in general, by insulting them, using the term “blind” which is not a polite word. Say ////////visually impaired or visually disabled artist//////// . thank you

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