Ambo never cry again!

By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

The Tigreans killed your beloved son again,
To drain your energy, to drive you insane…
To see you cry, to witness your pain!

But they can only hold you back,
Because you’re unstoppable,
Killing the sprit of heroism,
Never.. never …possible!

Every time they killed you,
You’ve risen again and again,
Driving the mad racist Tigrean insane!
Every drop of your blood,
Had already turned into a storm,
You’ve risen above every death…
You’ve risen above every mourn!

So, Ambo never cry again,
Because this is your final vow!
Know you will no longer suffer,
Count a step to freedom….
Starting from now.

You’ve seen death and sadness,
That can’t be bridged with your tears…,
And you’ve known that there’ll be a fight,
Hidden or right at your sight,
You knew the road to freedom,
Requires blood and wisdom.

So, never cry Ambo again,
Because crying while fighting is a sin,
Instead, let the ocean of tears begin!
Singing that we will never be ruled again,
By the coward racist killer Tigrean!

This is the Ethiopia we can’t forget! – By Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

Hailu Kifle, Lawyer, murdered by the TPLF Command Post. Guilty for Being an Oromo

March 11, 2017 – Hailu Kifle, a lawyer, was brutally murdered by the TPLF regime in Ambo. Residents in and around Ambo put his body to rest today.

While TPLF continue killing the brightest of Oromo youth and professionals, its puppet party in Oromia (the OPDO) rants deafening and nauseating propaganda about developing the Oromo with economy. What they saying appears to be, look: we are killing you to develop you economically.

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