The 26th AU Summit is called to discuss Human Rights in Africa focusing mainly on the Rights of Women. But Africa’s security concerns will dominate the two day meeting. AU Chair President Robert Mugabe thanks Ban Ki Moon got helping Africa tackle Malaria and all calamities. He also says migration of Africans is a concern and Africa will hold a summit to address the issue. However Pres. Mugabe could not stop pointing his views about the West, asking them to ‘shut up’ over his long rule.

2 thoughts on “AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit

  1. Simply a living legend who is never afraid of the truth. I hear you my black brother stay true to yourself you are a real man. Who needs hear about white man’s fake democracy that never works for the black. Thank you for telling them like it is.

  2. Nothing is written in stone and colonial boundaries are illegal and it should not stand. Freedom for all people under occupation is a right that can’t be denied by referring to white men’s scribble on a peace of map which served the interest of the whitemen who were looting our countries. Utopianism will be a thing of the past.

    Freedom for all!!!

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